Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GOING GREEN-The aftermath


Blame it on New Girl Stupidity. Friday night, I made out with Conner. First on top of a cliff, then later in his Jeep and for a brief second on my porch before my father opened the door, grabbed me by the sleeve, and yanked me inside.

Stupidity? No. The stupidity was when Saturday came; I waited on my porch. No Conner. Then Sunday. Hm. Still no Conner. The boy lived next door. Was it really possible for me to miss him? Did he have a secret tunnel or something?

Monday morning. Physics class. This should be interesting. Only it WASN’T interesting. It was awful. Conner, sweet, adorable-boy-next-door Conner, didn’t look at me. Like even once. In fact, the son of bitch put his palm on his face to block my view. I was humiliated.

Brandi nudged my shoulder. “You okay, Stella?” she asked. “You look positively nauseous.”

“Yeah,” I said, glaring in Conner’s direction. “I do feel like PUKING.” Conner straightened up, but didn’t look over. Bastard.

Brandi eyed me for a minute and then looked in his direction. “Oh,” she said, puckering her lips. “I see Conner has struck again.”

I turned sharply to her. “What?” My stomach was so knotted up, I felt like I’d just gotten done doing like a million crunches.

“He’s sort of…” Brandi bit on her lip, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. “He’s got somewhat of a reputation. There’s a pretty good reason why Trish is such a bitch.”

And then I knew. “She’s totally his girlfriend, isn’t she?” My face stung.

“Yep.” Brandi put her arm on mine. “For like two years.”

Shit. Oregon sucked.


brittanimae said...

Wow. Ouch. Stupid hot guys.

Dreamer3702 said...

Conner needs someone to bitch slap him. I volunteer.