Friday, March 21, 2008

GOING GREEN-Friday Night


About twenty seconds later, a red Jeep pulled up to my porch steps. Figured. Hot guys drove hot cars. He rolled down the passenger window and grinned.

“Well? Are you getting in or not?”

Tingles spread all over me and I looked back into the house. “Dad?” I asked. “You sure it’s okay if I go out for a while?” I sort of wanted him to say no. Something told me that this might be a really bad idea.

“Go,” my father said, waving his hand dismissively from the couch. “Even the maid gets a night off every once in a while.”

I smiled, thanked him and grabbed my coat before walking out the door. Man. This would end badly. And by badly, I mean awesomely but with bad aftershocks. Red headed ones.

As I got in, Conner turned to me. “You ever been rock climbing?”

I curled my lip. “Uh, hell no. Are you being serious?” He’d better be joking.

But instead he chuckled, shifted into gear, and drove toward town.


We were standing at the base of a rock wall on a hill just above the city lights. It was dark out, but there were groups of people, wearing helmets and shit, setting up lights and ropes.

“I’m not doing this,” I whispered as I stood next to Conner, watching the scene unfold. My pulse was racing with fear. I wasn’t really down for heights.

“Come on,” he said, pushing my shoulder. “It’ll be fun.” He batted his eyelashes playfully. “I brought an extra harness…” he sang.

Damn. He was adorable. But, it had to be said. “And where’s your girlfriend tonight?” Ew. I sounded bitchy.

He shrugged. “Don’t know.” He looked at me. “Why? Would you rather be on a date with her?”

Oh. My. God. This was a date? “Not really,” I said, trying to not to show him that I was nervous as hell. “I’m not really into red heads.”

He laughed, taking me by the arm and leading me toward the group suiting up. “Hey,” he called to them. “We’ve got a virgin here.”

I swung to face him but he was picking up a harness, stepping into it, looking like he’d done it a million times before. Two guys came over, wrapping stuff around me, talking to me about safety procedures.

I stared up the side of the rock. If I broke my neck tonight, I would be so pissed.


keri mikulski :) said...

More good stuff. Never been rock climbing. You? I love 'hot guys drove hot cars'. :)

SuzanneYoung said...

I've never been rock climbing. lol. But around here, there's a cliff that people rock climb on all the time, even at night. I thought, WOW. That would be a hot date! haha.