Thursday, March 27, 2008



The rest of the day was like death. I pretended to be invisible in lunch, even though Brandi continued to try to “cheer me up” by letting me know that I wasn’t the first person Conner had cheated on his girlfriend with. It didn’t help.

Trish eyed me a couple of times from across the room, but I could tell she didn’t know. If she did, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be grinning at me like she’d won the “hot guy” lottery. After all, her boyfriend’s tongue had been in MY mouth this weekend.

As the last bell of the day rang, I dragged my loser ass out of my Math seat and headed toward the buses. I stopped. Conner and Trish were making out in front of the school like it was their job. I thought I might throw up.

“Stella!” Brandi yelled.

I looked to my side to see her sitting on the half wall, waving to me. It would be a long walk home, but I would have rather stuck toothpicks in my eyes than walk by Conner and Trish. I walked to Brandi instead.

“You okay?” she asked, crinkling her nose. The air was crisp and I wrapped my arms around myself.

“I’ve been better.”

“Did you want a ride home? My brother’s picking me up.”

I looked back toward the buses but then just nodded. “Yeah. If you don’t think he’d mind. I really don’t have the energy to walk. And I certainly don’t have the energy to look at that asshole anymore.”

Brandi giggled. “Yeah.” She sighed. “I’ve said that once myself.”

My mouth opened in surprise. “You?” She waved her hand dismissively.

“Years ago,” she said. “No big.”

There was a horn beep and Brandi and I looked up at the same time. “There he is,” she said, grabbing my arm. We walked toward the black Honda Accord and I felt a little better. It was like I had a friend. I smiled.

“Becker,” she said to the guy in the driver’s seat. “This is Stella. We’re bringing her home.”

Heat warmed my cheeks and then he turned around. And I just about set on fire.

Shit. My only friend had a super hot older brother. This was bad. Very bad.


althrasher said...

Hahaha Stella doesn't dwell too long on one thing, does she?

Dreamer3702 said...

Very bad? This is awesome! Go Stella go! Bounce back girl and give me more drama.