Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still Untitled Story Blog


Conner (AKA Hottie-Next-Door) had managed to keep a low profile over the next few days. He also managed to not clock me with a flying disc. My father was at the height of annoying as he tried to convince me that recycling was an important issue, especially here in Oregon, and that I needed to go more “green.” The only green I was, was with envy for my friends back in Arizona. At least their parent’s divorce didn’t result in a moving-west mentality.

Before I’d had the chance to properly adapt to the cool, cloudy weather, it was a school day. Luckily, it was only October so I hadn’t missed much. At least, I didn’t think I had until I walked into Physics class.

Awesome. One of those super awkward, stand-in-front-of-the-class-while-the-teacher-decides-the-best-person-to-stick-you-next-to moments. Against my better judgment, I looked up and glanced across the room. Conner waved.

I couldn’t help but smile as I dropped my eyes. Damn. He was adorable.

“Okay, Ms. Alvarado,” Mr. Powell said. “You’re partners with Brandi Templeton.” At the announcement there was a squeal and a clap. I jetted my eyes up, alarmed at the girl smiling and beckoning me over. She was pretty and everything, but news flash. Transfer students were notoriously EMO. So pairing me up with the captain of the pep squad was a bad deal.

Especially when she was sitting one table over from Conner.

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