Tuesday, April 1, 2008



I enjoyed myself for exactly 3…2…1. “Get off me.” I pushed Conner back and he tripped up the steps but caught himself on the railing. He laughed as he sat down in front of me.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it,” he said.

“You couldn’t help assaulting me?” Dramatic, I know. But still. He had a girlfriend, a bitch one at that, and he’d ignored me! How desperate did he think I was?

“I’m a jerk,” he said, tilting his adorably blond head. He reached out and took my leg, pulling me a little closer to him. “I know I hurt your feelings, but I knew if I told you about me and Trish, you wouldn’t go out with me.”

Hm. Actually, I went out with him knowing about Trish. He was giving me far too much credit.

“And I really like you,” he said. “You’re not like the other girls around here.”

“Exactly.” I shook my leg from his grasp and stomped past him to my front door. “Pretty-boy-players just ain’t my thing, Conner. So piss off.” I pushed open my door and slammed it behind me. Only, once I was in, I leaned against it, my body tingling with adrenaline.

Shit. He’d tasted good.

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cyn said...

loved this! just found you guys on the YA thread. =) am gonna link you to my blog. keep writing and godo luck with subs!!