Thursday, April 3, 2008


Day 10

“He kissed you?” Brandi yelled, darting her eyes around the empty classroom. Good thing I’d told her before class started. I didn’t really need the whole, “the new girl is a slut” reputation. Not when said kiss came from a guy with a GIRLFRIEND!

“Sh…” I took her arm and walked to our lab table. My heart was racing. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t stupid. I wasn’t the type to subscribe to the Player of the Month club, but…I still sort of liked Conner.

“Shit,” Brandi said, sinking into her seat. “You like him, huh?”

“No.” Yes I did.

“Well, I suppose it could work out,” she said, sounding doubtful. “Maybe he’ll break up with Trish.”

But even as she said it, I had the feeling that Conner had no intention of breaking up with his girlfriend. I think he just wanted his cake and to eat me too. Metaphorically of course.

“I don’t care what he does,” I said, looking up as other students began to file in the classroom. “I just need to stay away from him.”

“Sort of hard when he’s your neighbor,” she mumbled. She had a point. I sure hoped my power didn’t go off anytime soon.

“Oh,” she squealed, tugging on my sleeve. “My brother invited us to go watch his band tonight. Wanna?”

I gulped. Hot college brother was in a band too? Wasn’t that sort of hotness illegal? “Um… I don’t know, Brandi. I--”

“You’ll go,” she interrupted. “Besides,” she flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Becker thinks you’re hot.” She giggled but I didn’t say a word. I was sweating a little. Because not only did Becker think I was hot, stupid Conner walked in eying me deviously.

Hm. Wonder what Conner would think if I got a boyfriend of my own. I smiled and looked away. Now that had possibilities.


Dreamer3702 said...

"I think he just wanted his cake and to eat me too. Metaphorically of course."

HAHAHAHAH! You crack me up!

As always, I loved it and can't wait until you post more.

brittanimae said...

Mmm. Becker. He's my style. :)