Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Day 14

“A bar?” I asked. Brandi was grinning ear to ear, fluffing her black curls.


“We can’t get in.” Last time I’d checked, I was seventeen. And my boobs were not nearly big enough to get the “sneak me in” attention I needed from the bouncer.

Brandi pulled out her cell phone and snapped her gum as she dialed. “Becker,” she said. “We’re out front.”

My heart sped up a little. I knew we were going to see her brother, but I was a little nervous about talking to him. Last time I did, I suffered from a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease.

“Yes,” Brandi said slowly into the phone, looking at me with a devious grin. “Stella’s with me.”

Had he asked about me? Did I want him to? Shit. I was so lame. Why couldn’t I be smooth like Conner was with me?

I clenched my jaw. Conner. Humph. He was the real reason I was here. A little jealousy went a long way. We’ll see how he liked it.

So I straightened my posture, pushed my hair over my shoulder and put on my best, “I swear I’m cool” smile.

Brandi hung up and looked me over. “He’ll be out in a second,” she said. She opened her mouth to say something else, but stopped. Instead she chewed on her gum and looked toward the doors of the bar.

And when they opened, I glanced over with all the sexiness I could manage. Becker was there, looking ridiculously older-guy-hot. His hair messed up in that perfect way, his mouth pulled into a smile. He didn’t even look at his sister.

“Hey,” he said to me as he walked over.

“Uh.…” Okay. So I could have just said “hey”. Or “hi”. But I wanted to be clever. Witty. Irresistible. “I like your hair.”

What. Is. Wrong. With. Me?

“Thanks?” he answered furrowing his brow. “Yours…is nice too.”

My eyelids fluttered and Brandi giggled and the moment drew on about twenty seconds too long. And just when I was about to try another attempt at speech, I felt a warm touch on my elbow.

“Hey, Stella.”

I turned and nearly coughed up the Altoid I’d just swallowed. Conner. He had no business being here, looking cute, looking at me.

I swung back around and for a second, I thought Becker’s eyes narrowed. Then, suddenly regaining my ability to talk, I reached out and slid my arm into Becker’s. Mostly startling him.
But he touched at my hand and smiled.

“Want to watch me play?” he asked.

“Yep. Let’s go.” And with that, we walked inside.


Dreamer3702 said...

So smooth... nice save!

<3 <3 <3

Lapillus said...

Haha, awesome, Suz.

What happens next!?!?