Thursday, June 19, 2008


I darted out of the house before my father could see Conner’s Jeep. He thought I was going out with Becker. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN. But I was being stupid. Absolutely foolish.

“Hey,” Conner called as I climbed in his car. I looked at him, temporarily melted by his gorgeous grin.

“Just drive,” I said and turned to look out the window. Yes, I was guilty. Yes, I knew this was a mistake. And yet… I was still sitting in his passenger seat. Ugh.

Conner didn’t take me to the main movie theatre, a fact that reinforced our top-secret status. A fact that reinforced that I wasn’t good enough to be his “real” girlfriend. We went to the crappy dollar theater that played movies that were already available to rent.

We stood in line and for a minute, things were normal. Conner reached out and put his arm over my shoulder, pulling me into him. “What do you want to see, beautiful?”

“Something with a lot of blood,” I said. Something that could make me come to my senses. But instead, I looped my arm around his waist. He smelled good.

Conner leaned over, bringing his face close to mine. “Give me a kiss,” he whispered. Man. This boy knew how to make me tingle.

Softly, I pressed my lips to his. Sweetly. We stayed like that for a second until he pulled back, smiling. “Let’s go,” he said, sliding his hand into mine.

And for now, it felt right. Like somehow, the rest of it didn’t matter. His girlfriend. Becker. MY DAD!

Conner bought our tickets and we made our way through the concessions. With a bucket of popcorn in one hand, Conner still managed to keep his arm around me. We were being cute. Not fighting. Not suffering from Temporary Make-Out Insanity. We were… like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Theater five was on our right and just as we paused at the door, it pushed open.

My. Jaw. Dropped.

“Stella?” Becker asked, looking between Conner and I. His expression…. Yeah. Not good.

I stood facing him, another guy’s arm over my shoulder. The Sour Patch Kids in my hand feeling like they were a million pounds. I’d said no when Becker asked me to the movies. And now, here I was. With someone else.

The three of us stood, staring, no one moving. Until finally, Becker clenched his jaw, shot a dirty look at Conner and then bumped his shoulder as he walked past us. Without another word.

“Hm…” Conner said.

“Shut up.”

“I hope he doesn’t tell Trish.”

My stomach dropped. He mentioned his girlfriend. He was out with me and he was still worried about his girlfriend. I blinked back the tears and stepped out his arm to open the movie theater door. I didn’t wait for him and instead walked to the seats, dropped down, and put my face in my hands.

This was what I deserved.

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J.J. Carrera said...

Oh Becker... *tear* Stella *sob*