Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going Green

It wasn’t like I’d never been in a fight before. Why was I so nervous?

I pushed my way through the crowded hallway, aware that people were whispering, a few snickering. Wow. Word sure traveled fast. I gulped.

The cafeteria was loud. I scanned it quickly, looking for Conner. Or Trish. Or Brandi. I only found Brandi sitting with her friends. Something told me that I wasn’t welcome at their table anymore.

Before I could turn around and spend my lunch hour hiding in the girl’s bathroom, something hard hit my shoulder. I stumbled a step before looking up to see the back of Trish’s red head walking past me.

Did she just… shoulder bump me?

“Excuse you,” I said. She stopped. Damn. I was about to get in a fight. My adrenaline kicked in, making my fingers tremble.

Trish swirled around in her hideous shoes and glared at me. She looked pretty pissed.

“Excuse me, skank,” she said.

Please. I could have thought of something wittier than that on my worst day.

“Classy. Although not nearly as classy as that outfit you’re wearing. Really? Pink and red don’t go together.” It’s true! Red heads shouldn’t wear pink.

She clenched her jaw. “At least I’m not a slut chasing after some guy that doesn’t want me.” She announced it, but then stepped toward me and leaned her head down as if whispering a secret. “Conner told me how you throw yourself at him. It’s really pathetic, Stella.”

Now, was it her fault that she was misinformed? Probably not. But when I cocked back my fist and punched her in the mouth, I felt an odd satisfaction. Her and stupid boyfriend were perfect for each other.

Trish screamed, covering her lips with her palm. And then something strange happened. The little red head with the terrible fashion sense turned into the freaking Tasmanian devil. I swear, she spun around in circles and attacked me before I even had a chance to tell her how ridiculous she looked. I just felt a barrage of punches, kicks, hair pulls.

She was kicking my ass. And the cafeteria was cheering!

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J.J. Carrera said...

No Stella! That's not how it's supposed to happen... you're supposed to tell her how he came onto you and you dissed his sorry @ss after making out with him, because it was like kissing a fish or you know, not. I'm telling you my way is better, Stella.