Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going Green...

My scalp stung as I felt a chunk of hair get ripped from it. OW!

I used my elbow to push Trish back by the jaw, but her poorly manicured nails were firmly tangled in my ringlets. She was pissing me off!

“Get her,” someone yelled from behind me. I wasn’t sure which of us he was talking to, but I decided to believe it was on my behalf.

I kicked Trish in the shin as hard as I could. I swear, it actually vibrated up my leg when it connected with her bone. She screamed and moved back.

The temporary distraction gave me time to consider. I could a.) Sucker punch her, or b.) Run.

I chose c.).

“Your boyfriend kissed me,” I said, gasping for breath.

She stopped the ‘I think my leg is broken dance’ and stared at me. “You liar!”

I shook my head. “Conner stuck his tongue in my mouth on at least four different occasions. And… he said he liked the taste of my lip gloss.” Yeah. I had to throw that in.

Trish’s cheeks began to match her hair as her nostrils flared. “He…” She looked shocked. I ALMOST felt bad for her. “He told me he never touched you. He said he thought you were ugly.”

Ow. That stung. “Hm,” I said, pretending to pick at my nails. Humiliated that he said that about me. Horrified that the cafeteria was listening. “See,” I began. “He didn’t mention that when he was sliding his hand up my shirt saying what a bitch you are.”

Snap. Not bad, Stella.

“You are dead,” Trish hissed. I smiled.

Taz may have caught me off guard once, but I was pretty sure that now... now I was ready to kick her ass.


J.J. Carrera said...

That's right Stella! You tell that b1tch how it is!!!


keri mikulski :) said...

Great scene, Suzanne. :)