Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kidlit Blogger Conference Day 2 Pictures

Day Two of the Kidlit Blogger Conference in Portland started me with me, Lee Wind and Greg Pincus getting serious.

Laini and Jone were the stars of the show. And they did a darned good job putting it on!

I celebrated with Holly Cupala and listened to a hilarious panel from Colleen Mondor and Jackie Parker. Seriously. Those women were FUNNY!!!! Oh, and Pam Coughlan... she was pretty good. KIDDING! She was awesome!

Then I lunched, yes, as a verb with Greg and a bunch of other fab people. Just before getting to listen to Greg's super awesome presentation.

Author Sara Zarr's presentation was great, too! I was blown away! Maybe a little star struck.

Then it was time to get ready for dinner. Where I was the unluckiest person at the luckiest table. In fact, the Woo Hoo table won so much, it was almost embarrassing. Especially Matt Holm! Everyone was winning except for me. I got a pity prize. :( But Betsy Bird was lucky! That chicken... not so much!

After dinner... well, you know. Kim Baker and Jolie Steckly were hangin'.

Then, in the strangest moment of the night, everyone ditched me! Yeah! I know! Only.... when they returned, it was with the cast of Twilight. In sock puppet form? And yes, that is the amazing Alice Pope. And yes, the sock puppet does have teeth.

And now that it's all said and done, I've realized the craziest thing. I LEARNED A LOT!!!!!!! Thank you Jone and Laini and all of the fabulous bloggers and soon to be bloggers I met! You guys are the dopest!!!!
For more on the conference, you can visit it here.


Cuppa Jolie said...

We did not ditch you, Suzanne. We just got a better offer. (heehee)No, it was such a fun night. Can't wait to keep in touch and hang out again in the future.

Suzanne Young said...

Omg. Are you in the room next door still??? We are such blogging dorks! haha

Cuppa Jolie said...

You would be the blogging dork. I've yet to blog, but had to visit you this morning to check you out...and look, you've already posted on the day's events. Impressive after the late night. We're getting ready to head out.

Disco Mermaids said...

Wow, Suz! Looks like a total BLAST. So sad I was not there...but so happy you guys learned a ton and had fun.

Lotta Laini goin' on in those pics! Almost all my pics from last year's L.A. conference feature Laini and Jim...are they the cutest kid-lit couple ever?? And only a supermodel like Laini could pull off the pink hair. Wish I could do it. LOVE pink!

And, sock puppets? I also LOVE sock puppets. Man, I did miss out!


Laini Taylor said...

Hi Suzanne! SO MUCH FUN to meet you and hang out! We are rooting for you guys to move to Portland. Come on. Rain makes productive writers. Stay in Oregon!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Yay - great post! I'm terrible at taking pictures. I have like 3. Boo.

I wish we could have talked more! Next time you come to town, make sure and let me know!!!

Kim said...

Looks like a great time!

Gregory K. said...

We were oh-so-serious in that totally unposed moment. Yes, indeedy. SERIOUS.

Great hanging and dining and confer-ing with ya!

Kim said...

We had to ditch you. Things were getting tense with the animosity toward the Woo Hoo Table. It was every man for himself.

When we were safely hidden away in our hotel room we talked about going back for you, but Jolie said it was too dangerous. I begged and pleaded, but she said no.

Great to hang out with you! Make sure and come to NY and Seattle, ok?

Lee Wind said...

I love this post - I mean, it's like I was THERE. Oh, wait. I WAS there!

I had so much fun with you all!

And I love Laini's comment "Rain makes productive writers" - that should be on a T-shirt somewhere!


Cloudscome said...

Wow you all had so much fun! I am so sad I missed it. Next year...

Matt said...

Great photos! Drop us a line next time you feel like coming up to the big city for dinner!

hollycupala said...

Boy, did I pick the right time to come visit the Woo Hoo table! Then they disappeared and came back with...uh, teeth? Whoah. You know, I was for Team Edward, but then I saw Kim's version of Jacob. Hard to say now.

Dana A said...

Hey Suzanne - you were one very fun part of a great weekend! Here's what happened while the whoo hoo table cooled off... Check it out on Chompo Blog:

a. fortis said...

Great pictures!! Don't feel bad about the raffle--I was also the unlucky person at the lucky table who was donated a prize by one of my kindly tablemates. :)

It was so nice to meet you! Good luck with the upcoming book.

jone aka msmac said...

Great post, the pictures say it all: We Had a blast! Keep in touch.