Monday, November 24, 2008


Do you hear them? It seems to me that all is quiet in the world of publishing. We have rumors of a slow down and of course, the looooooong holiday season. (Although oddly enough, the holiday season doesn't seem to last as long for me. I get like four days off from now till January 2).

So the question is... what will you do with all this extra time that is normally wasted on waiting? I plan to write. I know. Shocker. I plan to finish a book, rewrite another one and start my next, all before the 2nd of January.

But what else? Here's some things I will be doing, other than waiting for any news:

1.) Casting roles for Smitten Kittens: Live on Stage
2.) Learning how to build a dog house... out of playing cards.
3.) Teaching my daughter the importance of hypnosis.

How abut you?


Jill Wheeler said...

1. Revise and polish NaNo from this year to get ready for the Beta Project at AW.

2. Rewrite NaNo from last year so it makes some friggin sense!

3. Cook up ideas for the next one.

This writing stuff can get addictive, eh?

Carrie Harris said...

1. Obsessively check email anyway, just in case.

2. Finish current book and throw it at the proverbial crickets.

3. Blog. Comment on blogs. And then blog for a while.

Sad, but ultimately true.

AmandaKMorgan said...

Oooh, can I be Tessa? Or maybe the evil girl.

Kim Baise said...

1.Work on the cover art for the next book
3.More art
4.All the while Being a Great Mom!