Saturday, December 27, 2008

Curious Kitten

Thanks to a little friendly competition, January is going to be an all-out writing blitz for me. My dear friend Heather has challenged me to a chapter a week, and I have challenged her. Since neither of us wants to disappoint the other, we’re knocking it out!

I’ve had some inspiration lately (see the tool post) and my new book, tentatively titled SICK AND TWISTED, is now on to its third chapter.

So I’m wondering, what do you do to motivate yourself to write? Does competition help? Solitude? Time off?? I’m just curious.



nova said...

I'm considering trying something similar with a writer friend once the New Year starts. Though a chapter a week... that's serious.

I've never tried having a friend keep me accountable, but I could really use the push when I start work on this new novel.

Motivations that have worked for me before: concentrated time off from my day job. There's a finite amount of days and I race ahead in the hopes that I can do something with them.

p.s. I love the title SICK AND TWISTED!

Katie said...

Best of luck! I think I shall try and crank out a bunch too!

LOVE that title!

Wyman said...

Sick and Twisted? Reminds me of a kid who has had one two many licorice sticks.

Tune in next week for another thrilling episode of the Sick and Twisted: Licorice Kid Superhero Show. The story of a mild-mannered geek kid, who addicted to licorice, turns from a stomach-cramped kid, into a crime fighting superhero, who accompanied by his superdog Candy Cane, fights a new villain each week. (Sponsored by your friends at Splenda.)

Wyman said...

More seriously, unlike all of you whose blogsites I visit, I am still at the "mood and inspiration" stage, not anywhere close to the professional writer stage. Yet, I am fascinated by the question and have tried to study this area a little in my own mind.

Since ideas seem to come most often while working and concentrating on other "must do at the time" things, such as workplace deadlines, and lack of exercise creates lethargy, then I would think that games of speed and quick thought, like saying the opposite of a word flashed on a computer screen before its opposite appears as the answer, might be good for naturally stimulating a writer's motivation to write. That is it gets the brain working, thinking, creating--like charades--which can lead one to feel a "must need" to write.

Somehow, I think this is what competition, solitude, or time-off may be doing when it works. The mind is made clear, sharpened, and narrowed to a few tasks. At that point, hopefully the need to write can become irristible.

I hope in my ignorance I have added something here which may lead to more intelligent thoughts than I have offered. Surely some visitor has insight into this, besides the kind, useful expressions above.

Christy Raedeke said...

Hey love the new look! I'm itching for a new one myself - can't go into 2009 with the same old ratty blog skins!

Katie said...

"blog skins" haha. Good one!

Cuppa Jolie said...

I love a challenge or competition or peer pressure. Or all of them. Not competition in the way of out doing another writer friend, but pushing each other to get it done.

EJ Griffin said...

Love the new layout. It's so professional, Miss soon-to-be Published Author!

Interesting proposal. I wonder if a little competition or peer pressure (as stated above) would be a sucessful motivating tool for myself. Especially when it is a pact made between two trusted friends.

I think the hesitation - for me and perhaps others - lies mainly in the revealing of said work rather than the doing. If you are in cahoots with a friend, I'd imagine you'd feel much more comfortable sharing work from a "crappy" week every now and then. As we all know, writing is a process (of which, I still have much to learn - don't be fooled) and we are all bound to have our off weeks.

I'm up for a challenge... I just need a partner. My friends are not at all the writing type. Bueller?