Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interview with author Bethany Griffin

I'm excited to say that I've had a chance to interview YA Author Bethany Griffin. Her debut novel, HANDCUFFS was just released and has terrific buzz! You should definitely check it out!

And, she's pretty great too! Here's my interview with her!

1.) Okay, okay, let’s get it out of the way. HANDCUFFS. Personally, I love the title, but I have to believe you’ve caught some grief over it. What are your feelings about it now?

Up until a week ago, I would’ve said, what grief? People have been amazingly cool about it. But yes, there are some romance readers who have been freaking out over it. I still think it’s the best title for the book.

2.) Did you have any alternative titles?

Nope. I had a working title until I got to the chapter with the handcuffs. After that it was always Handcuffs.

3.) Parker is an ice-princess. Did you have any trouble getting inside her head?

No- the whole little bit where she opens up and says it’s better for people to think you’re stuck up than to know you’re so shy you’re a stuttering freak? That was all me, and it felt incredibly revealing. Getting out of her head to write the next book with a different voice was the hard part. :)

4.) The obsessive first love is something nearly everyone can relate to. What sort of emotions do you touch on in HANDCUFFS?

Lots of jealousy. Insecurity, worry, anger…those are all things Parker has to deal with before the end of the book.

5.) Come on, give me a hint! What’s the first letter of her ex-boyfriend’s name?

I guess since several of the big reviews have mentioned now that I never used the ex-boyfriend’s name, I’ll admit that I didn’t have one for a long time. I only named him when I was writing a synopsis, cause it’s hard to do a synopsis without a name. The first letter is M. Flood my website with guesses, you won’t get it. Only one M guess per person, please, some people have been sending me a list of 50 names…. explanation- there’s a contest on the website where whoever guesses the name gets a signed copy of the book.

6.) Let’s talk blurbs. What would your perfect cover blurb be? And who would it be from?

Oh, I don’t know, The worlds most awesome book? Every Teen in America should have 3 copies of this? Or maybe, Hey, Barnes & Noble, get this book out of your warehouse and put it on the shelves! That last part would be a memo, not a blurb. My first choice would be Laurie Halse Anderson, because I teach Speak with my Sophomores. My second would be, maybe Chris Crutcher, because when I first started reading his books I was trying to write MG (what I was teaching) and was so not right for that. The Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books review recommends Handcuffs for fans of Sarah Dessen, “who like their main characters inwardly focused, their family relationships complicated, and their endings happy.” So, can I pick Sarah Dessen?

7.) I can’t wait for your next book. Will it be another love story? (hopes!)

Aren’t all stories really love stories? I can’t imagine writing anything without lots of relationship issues and details. Assuming Greedy is my next book, I think it could qualify as a crazy convoluted love story!

8.) Where can we find out more about you? You’re awesome!

Thank you! If I can be half as awesome as you, I’ll be pretty freaking awesome! My website has information about me! I’m making a scrapbook of the whole first book experience… if you have some night vision goggles you could watch me work on it…email me for my address. :) Or, yeah just check out the website, the blog (which I swear I will update more often, I promise I promise…I’m getting ready to post a story about getting my tattoo. There are pictures).

Visit her website at

So there you go, folks! Bethany rocks! And so does HANDCUFFS!


bethany said...

BTW, if anyone wants to try the name guessing game, my website is :)

Wyman said...

As a Florida transplant from Western Kentucky, it is always nice to see that the great state of Kentucky, which produces singers/musicians, historians, and Writers has a new Writer to add to its list of great Writers. Best of luck to you!

Robin said...

Great interview. LOVE your website, Bethany!

Thanks for doing this, Suz. Will author interviews become a regular thing for you? You're waaaaay better than Katie Couric. Swear.


bethany said...

Thanks, Robin!

Hey do you guys like your Blogger blogs? I'm on Live Journal and thinking of changing mine. Of course I really just need to blog more. :)