Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random acts of Kidness

Oh, by the way, today the number is 5. Did you guess it?

So my son and I were eating tacos as he was telling me the difference between the Star Wars clone trooper in the white helmet and the Star Wars clone trooper in the white helmet with a red stripe. (I still don't get it) When all of the sudden, he made a request.

"Mom, I want a diary."

"Really?" I was surprised. My son likes to read, but rarely write. "That's awesome, dude. But for a boy, let's call it a journal."

"Well," he scratched at his head. "How about on the front I write diary-slash-journal?"

"Um... okay. I guess you can do that." Me and my husband exchanged a look.

"What do you want a journal for, buddy?" his father asked.

"Diary-slash-journal. I want a place to keep my secrets."

And honestly, it never occured to me that at seven, my son HAD any secrets. My mind started reeling. Thinking of all the possible second grade stories that he wasn't sharing with me. Maybe it was about a girl. Maybe he was being bullied. Maybe it was something so awful he could never talk about it!

"Why are you keeping secrets?" I demanded.

He shrugged. "I just want to write about how much Sophie annoys me."

Sigh. Crisis avoided. But now I know that I will be one of those moms that reads their kid's diary-slash-journal. Does that make me a bad person????



Megan said...

Ha, if he catches you you, I'm sure he'll think so.

I had a diary (not a diary-slash-journal, but I'm a girl, so I guess that's okay) at that age, and really, there was nothing that fascinating in it.

Heather said...

I've always kept one. It was usually filled with how much I hate my sisters. I totally get what he's feeling. LOL

Now I keep it on my computer-- each word doc is password locked. ;)

corey schwartz said...

Ha! My husband and I read The Artist's Way and we kept
"morning pages" for years. I was dying to read his! (but I never did)

P.S. Your kids are precious!

Keri Mikulski said...

No.. I will totally be one of those moms. :)

Wyman said...

Diary/Journal, whatever you choose to call it, it's a great idea. Maybe you can teach him, in addition to the times he may run to write in his diary/journal--the good, the bad, and the ugly of life--also near the end of his day, he should set down his thoughts for that day. That might have to be once a week until he is older. This will be good for him.

A few years ago I kept a Happiness Journal I found helpful. However, I have always enjoyed writing. Maybe if your son keeps a diary/journal for a time while young, he will return to this idea one day when it can benefit his life even more. I think so few people write, because when they are young, they are never taught there are good reasons to write.

I applaud your son's wise idea.