Monday, December 21, 2009

Book Recommendation: FLASH BURNOUT by LK Madigan

This may be one of my first book recommendations. I don't usually do them because, well, I know authors personally and it sort of feels like I'm playing favorites. But... oh, what the heck.

I loved Flash Burnout! I finished it tonight and I'm so impressed! For me a really great book needs to have voice. An authentic voice or I can't get lost. LK Madigan is so freaking dead-on with her teen guy voice... it kind of freaks me out a little bit. haha. But more than anything, the HUMOR made Blake so relatable, I felt like I could be him. Or know him. Or have dated him. He was a real person.

To me that's the mark of a great book. I'm never good at summaries, so I'll say this: The characters--including the brother who I may or may not have had a crush on--are all great. The girl friend vs. friend triangle works in the most realistic way possible. And the jokes are never forced, but instead natural and dang funny!

If you haven't picked it up yet, please check out Flash Burnout. I know you'll love it!! And visit LK Madigan to learn more!!


And PS: Thanks for all the well-wishes. I'm starting to feel better. :-) Rock climbing next week, maybe?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Signing: Starring LK Madigan

WHAT AN AWESOME DAY!!!! Today, friend and local author LK Madigan had a fantastic book signing!!!! Her book FLASH BURNOUT (omg, it's so good you have to read it!) is out now and SOLD OUT the entire stock in Powell's. The place was packed, like over fifty people packed!

LK started out with an amazing speech. In fact, she had me and Lisa Schroeder in tears. It was so touching, thoughtful, sweet. She told us about her journey, offered advice and threw chocolate at us!

Not just any chocolates. Chocolates with her book cover on them from A1wrappers!!!!! I NEED to do that!

Then she had a teenager (totally handsome, readers!) who came up and read from the book. We were roaring with laughter.

So many amazing writers, illustrators and artists in attendence. In fact, we even got a view as to what Clementine Pie will look like when she gets older! I think Laini and Jim will be proud. :-)

Well, it was an awesome book signing with awesome friends and I cannot WAIT for everyone to get FLASH BURNOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Book Signing: Starring Laini Taylor

I went to a fabulous book signing at Powell's last night to see Laini Taylor and Jim Di Bartolo (not to mention their adorable little baby!!!) Laini's got TWO new books out: Lips Touch and Silksinger. She read from them and let me tell you, I was so excited to get home and start reading!!!

So many awesome authors and illustrators were there and I'm honored to be among them! Here are some pics!!!
And don't forget! You can win an ARC package of The Naughty List, so hurry and ENTER HERE!! Also, you can win a gift card over at Flashy Fiction!
What? Are you saying pink blankets and cupcake purses aren't manly?
Thanks, guys!!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

GOING GREEN (the blog story)

To catch up on the ongoing blog story, GOING GREEN, click here!

“Do you want me to stop to get a corsage?” my father asked.

“Ew, no.”

“Suit yourself. I figured that way if anyone asks, you can pretend you have a date in the bathroom.”

I looked across the car at him and raised my eyebrow.

“Just thinking ahead, kid.”

When we pulled up to school, my stomach twisted in disgusted knots. What was I doing? Could I really walk into prom dateless, especially when everyone hated me? Like they needed more fuel.

“Don’t overthink it,” my father said softly as he parked. I stared into my lap, anxiety crawling up my skin. “And besides,” he added. “It’s high school. It traumatizes everyone. Right of passage.”

I laughed, shaking my head. “You really should have just let me stay home.”

My father’s face became serious. “You would have regretted missing your prom. And of course, you’ll need something to talk to a therapist about in the future.”

“Oh my God, old man. You are demented.” But I loved him. After all the crap I’d been through with my mom, Conner, the entire school…. It was nice to have someone in my corner. Even if it was my dad.

“Let’s go,” he said, interrupting the quiet. “I don’t want to miss the electric slide.”

“Dear Lord. Please don’t dance.”

He scoffed. “You don’t think I came here without practicing, do you? Give me more credit, Stella. I’ve got the Macarena down pat.”

“I’ll die.”


The prom was a mix of pastel fabrics, glittery balloons and a butt load of flowers. It looked exactly like how I imagined hell. This feeling was confirmed when I looked over to the dance floor. In the middle, like they were already crowned king and queen, was Conner and Trish. Slow dancing.

I darted my eyes away, hoping they didn’t see me. There was still time to go hide in the car. There was still time to stop this before I was completely humiliated. But instead I look over at them again. Trish’s too-tan back faced me as she rested her head on Conner’s shoulder. I hated that she could be so comfortable with him. I hated him.

Just then, Conner’s beautiful blue eyes looked up to catch mine. His lips parted, and then he smiled softly. And as much as I resented him for everything he’d done, I found myself smiling back. But I caught myself and spun around.

No. I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't… but I felt the tears well up in my eyes. Damnit. I wouldn’t become a prom cliché, crying in a perfect prom dress over a boy. No. I would cry in the bathroom like any self-respecting woman.

My heels clacked on the gym floor as I hurried toward the girl’s room. Once I pulled myself together I was going to go back out there and fake fun. Nothing said revenge like having a good time.


I stopped, only a few feet from the safety of the toilets. I wasn’t sure I could turn around.

“Can I talk to you?” Conner asked.

I closed my eyes, the first tear running down my cheek. Fantastic. I sniffled and turned around, crossing my arms dramatically across my chest. I wasn’t expecting him to be directly in front of me. Looking gorgeous. I gasped.

Conner reached out and put his hands on either side of my face before using his thumb to wipe away my tear.

“You look beautiful tonight,” he whispered, looking me over.

My entire body shuttered with relief. Despair. “Yeah?” I asked. “You and Trish look really cozy out there. I think you two have King and Queen of doucheness locked up, don't you?”

But instead of answering, he leaned in and kissed me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rock Star Life: Starring Frank Portman

I had a blast last night because friend and fellow author Frank Portman was in town promoting his new book Andromeda Klein, his follow up to King Dork.

Frank also happens to be HILARIOUS! Oh, and did I mention he's a rock star?? Well, let's start from the beginning:
He had a pretty amazing turnout at Barnes and Noble:

And he played guitar AND read from his new book. Not an easy task. Favorite audience question? From here will your books keep getting harder to read? Frank: Yes.

Then we headed over to Plan B where Frank Portman transformed into Dr. Frank-Rockgod

Really, we were just getting started. Once again, he had a great turnout. I was amazed at the people that knew him, knew his songs; cuz, you know, Frank doesn't live here! So I was pretty impressed.

Friend and author Alexa Martin came by to hang out. You can catch her new book next year from Hyperion.
Yes, that's her grilled cheese sandwich. And yes, it is SLATHERED in ketchup. Ew!
Then it was time for Dr. Frank to rock out! And he did. It was awesome!
It's never easy to see friends go. :-( If you get a chance, catch Frank on tour. He's in Chicago right now, tearing up a B & N or bar near you!!
PS. I missed my LA girls-Heather and Mandy

Monday, August 31, 2009

GOING GREEN (the story blog)

A while back I started a YA story on my blog called GOING GREEN. I figured it might be time to revisit it. To catch up on the story, Click here! Thanks!


It was the day of the prom and I didn’t have a date. I didn’t have any friends either. Instead I had a father-approved green dress and a free ticket to any loser that would take me. Right. Like I’d show my face there now.

Conner had called me a slut. Becker drove away nearly crushing my foot. And everyone at school was gossiping about how I was trying to steal Trish’s boyfriend. Reality check! When he’s kissing me, he’s not her boyfriend! But I wouldn’t dwell. Dwelling only left me lonely and with a headache.

“Stella?” my father called, knocking at my locked bedroom door.

“Not in the mood, old man.”

“I have a surprise for you though.”

Hm. He sounded suspiciously kind. I eased off my bed, glancing once at the green prom dress hanging on the back of my closet. It made my stomach turn, thinking about what that dress could’ve symbolized. A fresh start. A new boyfriend. Now it just symbolized my extremely bad judgment.

I opened my bedroom door and gasped. “Dad?”

My father stood there, completely proud of himself, in a tuxedo. With a bow tie. “I was wondering if you needed an escort to prom.”

My mouth hung open. “Father,” I began like he'd just suffered some serious head trauma. “You’re creeping me out in unspeakable ways, and if you rented that tux because you thought I was pathetic enough to—”

“Relax, Stella,” he laughed. “They asked me to be a chaperone. I have my own date.”

My face froze. He hadn’t been divorced from my mother all that long. “You do?”

He nodded. “I’m meeting her there. You remember your Math teacher, Miss Roundtree?”


“Yeah, my girlfriend looks nothing like your teacher. I just wanted to freak you out.” He chuckled. My father was acting especially evil tonight, mostly because he knew it cheered me up. I had to smile.

“Can’t believe my dad has a date to prom and I don’t.”

My father pressed his lips together and looked at me seriously for the first time. When he did, I felt my eyes well up.

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out so well, kid," he said quietly.

I sniffled. “Me too.”

We stood there for a minute until finally he reached over to mess up my hair. “Go get dressed, Stella,” he ordered in his best dad voice. “You’re going to prom.”

I laughed. “Am not.”

“If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone you’re sitting home crying and then make them come over to the house to cheer you up.”

“You wouldn’t!”

He grinned. He so would. Realizing that the world knowing I was pathetic was worse that actually being pathetic motivated me.

“Fine, old man,” I said. “But we’ll talk about this later.” Then I slammed my door and turned to stare at my prom dress.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I've gotten a few emails about how it's hard to make the cover for SO MANY BOYS bigger from the blog sidebar, so I've decided to just give it its own post. Next to THE NAUGHTY LIST.
So yay! Here is the beginning of what my series will look like! The colors are so pretty..... :-)
The Naughty List-Feb, 4th, 2010 / So Many Boys-Summer, 2010

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tenners everywhere!

If you haven't heard of the Tenners, I'd like to introduce you. They are a group of super rockin' authors with debut books coming out in 2010. I've decided to start collecting them. :-)

My new goal is to meet all of the Tenners! I've met quite a few. In fact, I'm not entirely sure I could list them all. But as far as I can keep track, I've met at least 15. WOW! That's a lotta Tenners!!!

So if you get a chance, scoot on over to the site and check us out! We're very friendly.... mostly.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Auctions are dope! Starring Bridget Zinn

Well, excuse this post because I just got home from a silent auction (there might be some typos!) So for now, here is a post in pictures--I'll post some links later.

Tonight I had the opportunity to go to a silent auction benefitting Bridget Zinn. I was so happy to go, help with the raffle, and bid on items. By the way, I was high bidder on a three night getaway!!!!!! Yay! Husband is VERY happy!

The guest of honor, the beautiful Bridget Zinn and hubby, Barrett
Matthew Holm, the man responsible for BABYMOUSE, and wife Cindy (love her!)

Carolyn Conahan who donated two books--although I didn't win them. :-(
Bridget looking gorgeous with author Roseanne Parry and Carmen T. Bernier-Grand
Johanna Wright with her fabulous painting (which I didn't win ):-( But it was AWESOME!
Me and the Very charming Kim Kasch
Money was raised, spirits were high, and it was great night. I was so happy to be a part of it!! Thank you, Jone MacCulloch!. And it was wonderful seeing you Bridget and Barrett!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay, here it is! The cover for the first book in my YA series, The Naughty List. Now for those of you not familiar with it, here’s a quick blurb about the book:

Junior class president Tessa Crimson is the captain of the Smitten Kittens—the Wildcats cheerleading squad. But when Washington High experiences a break-out of make-outs, Tessa and her girls create a secret snooping society to catch the cheaters in the act.

The Naughty List. Is your boyfriend on it?

Are you ready??? (I’m super nervous!!) Here’s the cover that’ll be on shelves February 4th, 2010!! (But you can preorder it)

Friday, February 27, 2009

GOING GREEN (the blog story)

To catch up on the ongoing blog story, check the links on the side under Going Green...


I would have thought that in this moment, with Conner across the street and so clearly jealous, I would have gotten some satisfaction. But things never really happen the way you think. Instead, I felt guilty. Like I’d betrayed him.

Sure, Conner and I weren’t dating. In fact, Conner had his own girlfriend to be jealous over. And yet, my face tingled with shame. I wanted to go to him.

“Stella?” Becker asked, dropping his hands from behind his head and sitting up in the driver’s seat. His lips shined from my gloss. “What?” he asked. “Did I do something—” He paused and turned to follow my stare.

When he saw Conner, he scoffed. He dropped his head, running his hands roughly through his hair. “Ah,” he mumbled. “Still in love with the high school kid. Nice.” Only he didn’t say it nice. He said it, very, very unnice. I cringed.

“It’s not—”

“Stop,” he cut me off. “I feel stupid enough.” We sat awkwardly quiet for a minute, then he looked up at me, his eyes darker than they were when I’d leaned over to kiss him. “I have to go,” he said, not even pretending like he was telling the truth.

I swallowed hard. Maybe I should have argued, told him that I had no interest in Conner. But what was the sense in lying. Instead, I nodded and reached out to open his door. We didn’t say anything as I climbed out, and just as I shut it, he pulled away, speeding down my street.

So there I stood, on my curb, looking across the road at Conner. He folded his arms over his chest, his blond curls blowing to the side from the wind.

“You have no right to be mad,” I called to him, matching his stance.

He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head. “Yeah, you’re right, Stella.” He smiled. “I already knew you were a slut.”

I gasped, feeling like I’d just been slapped. But before I could respond, Conner turned and walked back inside his house.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Going Green (the story blog)

To catch up on the story, check the side links under Going Green!


I was a big fan of Becker’s lips. I leaned further over into his driver’s seat, enjoying his soft, tender kisses. This was way better than what I’d been sharing with Conner.

Sure, with Conner there was a certain urgency, naughtiness about it. But this… this was sweet.

After another second, I slowly pulled away, looking into Becker’s soft brown eyes. He watched me, smiling. Then he exhaled and leaned back in his seat, folding his hands behind his head.

“Pretty sure that beats my miniature golf idea,” he said and laughed.

I was about to tease him for looking so proud of himself when I saw it. Conner—standing just across the street. He was in his driveway as Trish’s car backed out, but he wasn’t looking at her. He was staring at Becker and me.

And he looked pissed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going Green! (The Story Blog)

To catch up on the story, check the links on the right under Going Green!


Stella and Becker. Becker and Stella. Hm, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. But Becker had called me about ten minutes ago and said that he had a surprise. So here I was, on my front porch, waiting. It started to rain.

I wrapped my arms around myself and looked back at my door, about to go inside, when Becker’s car pulled up to my curb. I sighed and glanced toward Conner’s house, recognizing Trish’s flashy BMW parked in his driveway. Figured. I was completely car-less and that wench gets a Beamer. She sucked.

Moving quickly, I hopped down my front steps and jogged through the rain to Becker’s car, climbing in. Once inside, I sat for minute, trying to wipe some of the rain off my bare arms. I turned sideways to Becker.

“Hi,” he said, smiling adorably. His grin was slightly crooked, his chin was unshaven, and his hair was perfectly messy. I was suddenly not so concerned about the wench across the street.

“Hi,” I said back, feeling a drip of rainwater run down my cheek.

Becker watched me. “So…” he began, looking in his lap and then at me.

“You had a surprise, remember?” I laughed, glancing over his forearm, up to his bicep where he had some serious ink. Hm. I’d never noticed that before.

“Yeah, about the surprise,” he said. “It…” he pulled his eyebrows together, looking apologetic. “I was going to take you miniature golfing.”

I stared at him. “Uh… why?” If I didn't like bowling, did he really think I'd like golfing?

“To make up for the bowling incident.” He shook his head, then exhaled and pressed back in his seat, raising up his hips. I was about to ask him what the hell he was doing when he pulled out the waistband of his boxer to show me. Oh my God. LEOPARD PRINT!

“You weren’t!”

He nodded. “I totally was. I was going to embarrass myself purely for your amusement. But,” He pointed out the windshield toward the sky. “I guess it’ll have to wait.”

I smiled, imagining how he would humiliate himself, all to make up for the fact that my shirt ripped open during our bowling date, exposing my leopard print bra. It was really cool of him. It was really… sexy.

Becker looked back out the window, disappointed, when I knew exactly what the surprise was.

“Hey,” I called. He looked over at me, maybe hearing the catch in my voice.

“What’s up, Stella?”

I licked my lips, ready to start something new. “You wanna make out?”

He didn’t flinch. “Yes.”

I laughed. Then I leaned over, and kissed him.

Monday, February 9, 2009

GOING GREEN! The Story Blog

GOING GREEN- to catch up on the story, check the side links!

Should I call him? Should I? God. No, I shouldn’t. Conner was a tool of epic proportions.

I glanced at my phone, and then at the crumpled note he’d left me. I knew the only reason he'd “missed” me was because I was on a date with someone else.

There was no way I was going to call him. Ever.

My doorbell rang.

“Stella?” my father called from downstairs. “Do you want me to answer it or grab the bat from the garage?”

“Bat,” I said, getting up. I crossed the hall and bounded down the stairs.

“Good choice.” My father patted my shoulder as he walked by me toward the back of the house.

I stood at the front door and took a deep breath. Smoothing down my t-shirt, I opened the door and narrowed my eyes. There he was. Conner. All blonde and stupidly hot.

“What?” I asked.

He grinned and tilted his head. “You didn’t call me.”

“Should have been a hint.” Damn. Really, really stupidly hot.

He laughed. “Is Becker your boyfriend now?”

I wanted to say yes, just to hurt him. “Really none of your business. Why don’t you go harass your girlfriend? She seems like a fun time.”

Conner bit on his lip and looked me over. “You’re not being very nice.” He leaned on my doorframe and I almost closed the door. Instead, I stood there while he reached out to twirl a strand of my hair around his finger. “I’ll be nice if you will.” He grinned.

I couldn’t answer. When he was nice… the world was right. When Conner was looking at me like this, everything was okay. I wasn’t sad anymore.

“Stella?” my father called from behind me.

I jumped and spun around to find him in the entryway, bat dangling at his side. My face was hot, flush. But I smiled.

“Good night, Conner,” my father said without looking at him. He winked at me and then took his weapon into the living room with him. I turned back to Conner.

“Does your dad not like me or something?” he asked.

I let the stupidness of him wash over me and then I tilted my head. “Actually, Conner. I think we’re both just really over you.”

And with that, I slammed my door.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GOING GREEN (the story blog)

To catch up on the story, check the side links. :)


Becker was sweet on the way home from the bowling alley. He even bought me a chocolate milkshake because he felt so bad that I was shirtless. Right. I’m sure he felt awful.

When he pulled up at the curb in front of my house, I sipped from my drink, wanting to keep my lips occupied.

“I hope you had fun,” he said with a grin. I nodded.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t had fun. It wasn’t even that I didn’t want to kiss him. It was just that… I didn’t feel like kissing him now. Right now all I wanted was to get into my pajamas and think. Think about how I was going to go to prom with a cute guy that I wasn't sure I liked. And how I was going to spend the night staring at Conner and his stupid adorable face.

“Call me later,” I said quickly and got out. It may have been a little rude, but honestly, the longer I sat there, the more trapped I felt.

I couldn’t go to prom. I couldn’t do this to myself.

As I climbed on the porch, my cell phone rang. I pulled it out and put it to my ear. “Hello?”

“Hey.” It was Becker. “You’re not going to back out of the prom, are you?”

I spun around to look at him, still sitting in his car and talking to me on the phone. He waved.

“Not sure." I waved back. Really, there was no reason to lie to him. He knew about Conner.

“I hope you’ll go.” His voice was soft. “And I promise, I’ll wear leopard print boxers and show everyone, just so we’re even.”

I laughed and turned back to my door to go inside my house. “You are an idiot.”

“Yeah. I heard you like those.”

“Oh,” I said. “You have no idea.”

We both hung up and as I got in the house my dad popped up from the sofa. “Hey, kid.”


Then he looked me over and noticed that I was holding my shirt closed.

“Um… Do I need to go grab the bat?” He pointed to the garage.

“Naw. It was a bowling accident.”

My father touched at his chest in shock. “You… went bowling?” He could barely contain his laughter.

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, Dad. I’m sure you were oh-so-cool when you were in high school.”

“I was totally groovy.”

“Wow.” I walked toward the stairs when my father called after me.

“Hey,” he said. “This was on the porch for you when I got home.” He reached over to the entry table and handed me a sealed envelope with my name on it. I stared at it and then at my father.

“You didn’t open it?” I asked.

“You’re proud, huh?”


With him still standing there, I tore open the seal and pulled out a folded piece of paper. Carefully, I straightened it out and read the handwriting in the middle.

Call me. I miss you.

My eyes immediately began to tear and I crumpled up the paper and shoved it into my pocket. I sniffled and looked up at my dad. He pointed toward the garage.


I shook my head. “Maybe later.”

Monday, January 12, 2009

GOING GREEN (the story blog)

To catch up on the story, click on the side links for GOING GREEN.


“What size?” the man behind the rental counter asked.

“Seven.” I was easily an eight, but with Becker standing next to me, I didn’t feel like broadcasting my shoe size.

The attendant pushed a pair of maroon and gray shoes toward me and I picked them up and held them out. Becker laughed.

“Aw, come on, Stella. They’re not that bad.”

“Easy for you to say.” If I had known that Becker was going to take me to a bowling alley, I might have stayed in and let Conner harass me.

I followed Becker to lane eleven and shoved my feet into the too small shoes. Once securely laced, I went over to pick out a ball. There was a purple one. It was said twelve on it, but I grabbed it anyway.

Holy crap. It was heavy.

“You sure you want that one?” Becker asked, coming over to take it from my hands.

“It’s the cutest one.”

Becker shook his head. “Are you always this high maintenance?”

I stared at him. “You know… I’m actually not.” I realized for the first time, that I was kind of being a bitch.

Becker shrugged. “Is it because of what’s-his-face?”

I swallowed hard. I knew if I let myself think about it, the fact that I was going to prom with Becker instead of Conner might make me sad. It might hurt. But it didn’t change anything.

Conner wasn’t with me. He never would be.

“Hey.” I pushed Becker’s shoulder. “Are we going to bowl or what?”

He smiled and grabbed me an awful orange ball with an eight on it and handed it to me. “You go first,” he said, pointing at the lane.

“Such a gentleman.”


Okay. I could do this. The rental shoes were already crushing my pinky toes and my thumb was jammed into the ball hole. But all I had to do was aim and release. Wait? When was the last time I bowled?

“Can we get those bumpers?” I asked Becker.

“Shut up and go,” he called from the stool at the table.

I made a face and lined up my shot. Then I began to stride, aiming right for the middle pin. With all of my strength, I released the ball…

But my right foot slid out from under me and I did a half split while the ball jumped lanes and I landed with a thud followed by a series of snaps.

“Oh my God,” Becker yelled.

It took a second, but when I tried to get up, I realized something was wrong. It was cold in here.

I looked down to see that the cute button up shirt that I threw on before leaving the house was gaping open. My leopard print bra (nothing else was clean) was in full view of the entire bowling alley.

I wrapped my arms around myself just as Becker got to me, staring down, halfway between shock and hysterical laughter.

“Don’t say a word,” I mumbled, holding my shirt together as I got to my feet.

“I wasn’t going to.” He held his palms up in the air and backed away.

That did not just happen. My face was hot with embarrassment. Why couldn't I have done laundry? Why?

Marching toward the rental desk, I glanced over to see Becker grinning.

“Oh,” he called after me. “By the way, I’ve always been more of a zebra print sort of guy.”

Man. Bowling sucked.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GOING GREEN (the story blog)

(Check the side links to catch up on the story)


“Cool place,” I said as we pulled into the mall. Becker looked sideways at me.

“Be quiet. I wouldn’t take you to the mall for a date.”

“But I thought it was so romantic.” I laughed. Hell, the first ten minutes of this date were better than some entire dates I’d been on with Conner. At least here I didn’t have to duck down so people wouldn’t see me.

Becker drove behind the mall and parked. I raised my eyebrow. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Oh, no.”

“You’re serious?”


We were parked in front of Pin-O-Rama. A bowling alley!

“So,” I said slowly, looking over the concrete building with lit up dancing bowling pins. “You want me to wear rented shoes and throw heavy balls around?”

“Don’t be stuck up. Come on.” And he got out.

It wasn’t that I minded bowling. I’d done it once or twice in Arizona. It was just that I hadn’t expected a guy to take me bowling. On a date. When he was in college. I thought I’d end up at a keg party or something.

I got out in time to see Becker close his car trunk. He was carrying a bag.

“What’s in there?” I asked.

“Bowling shoes. You think I’m gonna stick my feet in those disgusting rented shoes?” He grinned.


“You love it.”

And I kind of did.