Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going Green! (The Story Blog)

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Stella and Becker. Becker and Stella. Hm, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. But Becker had called me about ten minutes ago and said that he had a surprise. So here I was, on my front porch, waiting. It started to rain.

I wrapped my arms around myself and looked back at my door, about to go inside, when Becker’s car pulled up to my curb. I sighed and glanced toward Conner’s house, recognizing Trish’s flashy BMW parked in his driveway. Figured. I was completely car-less and that wench gets a Beamer. She sucked.

Moving quickly, I hopped down my front steps and jogged through the rain to Becker’s car, climbing in. Once inside, I sat for minute, trying to wipe some of the rain off my bare arms. I turned sideways to Becker.

“Hi,” he said, smiling adorably. His grin was slightly crooked, his chin was unshaven, and his hair was perfectly messy. I was suddenly not so concerned about the wench across the street.

“Hi,” I said back, feeling a drip of rainwater run down my cheek.

Becker watched me. “So…” he began, looking in his lap and then at me.

“You had a surprise, remember?” I laughed, glancing over his forearm, up to his bicep where he had some serious ink. Hm. I’d never noticed that before.

“Yeah, about the surprise,” he said. “It…” he pulled his eyebrows together, looking apologetic. “I was going to take you miniature golfing.”

I stared at him. “Uh… why?” If I didn't like bowling, did he really think I'd like golfing?

“To make up for the bowling incident.” He shook his head, then exhaled and pressed back in his seat, raising up his hips. I was about to ask him what the hell he was doing when he pulled out the waistband of his boxer to show me. Oh my God. LEOPARD PRINT!

“You weren’t!”

He nodded. “I totally was. I was going to embarrass myself purely for your amusement. But,” He pointed out the windshield toward the sky. “I guess it’ll have to wait.”

I smiled, imagining how he would humiliate himself, all to make up for the fact that my shirt ripped open during our bowling date, exposing my leopard print bra. It was really cool of him. It was really… sexy.

Becker looked back out the window, disappointed, when I knew exactly what the surprise was.

“Hey,” I called. He looked over at me, maybe hearing the catch in my voice.

“What’s up, Stella?”

I licked my lips, ready to start something new. “You wanna make out?”

He didn’t flinch. “Yes.”

I laughed. Then I leaned over, and kissed him.