Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet my New Boyfriend

Once again, I'm talking about in my books, not real life. I consider all of the male love interests in my stories to be my boyfriends. What? I write in first person! I have to get into it!
But last night, something strange happened. Now, I'm a dreamer. I dream every night (mostly nightmares) without fail. BUT, last night I met him. A character in one of my upcoming novels.
He was tall (they always are...) with light brown, messy hair, hazel eyes and an endless supply of cords and T-shirts. His name was Henry, and he was totally sarcastic, but in that insanely hot way.
Oh, Henry.
Now... I woke up (two hours late) and had Henry still on my mind. I need to write a story for him, only... he doesn't fit into THE NAUGHTY LIST sequel. He has to get something all on his own. So next week, I plan to finish TNL2 and send it back to my fabulous editor over at Razorbill. Then, my newest boyfriend will get his story.
Just so you know what he has to live up to, here are some of my previous boyfriends:

Colin (Unkissable)

Too much time on my hands? Possibly. Worth posting pictures of super hot guys? Definitely.
Have a great day!


jennie said...

I'm definitely all about your Colin. Yummy!

sraasch said...

Mmmm me likey this post.

Dontcha love dreaming?

Suzanne Young said...

I have to say, I think often about my Cameron. And I was just telling my friend, I hope they make a movie out of my books so I can meet the actors. And by meet, I mean make-out with. :-)

PurpleClover said...

wow, you have such an understanding hubby! ;)

By the way, if you eat a protein snack with a complex carb (like peanut butter on bread) you may be able to get rid of those nightmares! Sounds like low blood sugar. Or else too many vampire books!!!! Come to think of it...it's probably the latter. So nix what I said!

Suzanne Young said...

Purp, that's brilliant! I do have low blood sugar some times and I am DEFINITELY going to try that! THANK YOU!!

Keri Mikulski said...

Ah.. Novel boyfriends gotta love em. :)

What a bunch of hotties, Suzanne. Nice work! :)

Heather said...

I'll look at super hot guys anytime. :D

Graeme Stone said...

Gulp! Oh that Hugh Dancy.

Shelli said...

"Dear suzanne's hubby - cant wait to see your list!" :)

Suzanne Young said...

haha. No worries, Shelli. I told him as soon as he writes a book, he can cast imaginary girlfriends all he wants. Amazingly enough, the only one he wanted was me.


Stephanie Perkins said...

"I consider all of the male love interests in my stories to be my boyfriends."

HAHAHAHA! Yes!! Yes yes yes!

Henry sounds delicious. I LOVE this post. My novels always start with The Boy. Always! (And often, The Boy comes to me in a fabulous dream). And then, of course, comes my favorite part -- The Boy research. Where I get to spend hours upon hours studying footage of cute guys. Very Important Step, you know.

Always exciting to see someone else posting pictures of hot guys on their blog ;)