Friday, April 17, 2009

Devil in the blue leotard

So I met with the trainer again. (I'm also curled up in ball crying from muscle spasms as I write this)

In three weeks, I've lost 3 % body fat, which she assures me is good. I've lost inches in my thighs, hips and even my neck. My neck? Uh, great. That should look great in the neck modeling I'd been planning this summer.

But yeah, 3%. I'm pretty happy about that. Of course, once she realized how I'd been taking to the workout, she added in extra lunges, push-ups and ab exercises. Hm. Maybe I should just go for it. Get all crazy muscular. Why not? Oh, right. Because I hate exercise. Never mind.

On the writing front, I'm falling in love with one of my old manuscripts. It's called Ginger Snaps! and it's... um... well, kinda edgy. But I think it's pretty good and if I can tone down some of the language, take out a few... scenes, it might just be appropriate!

Either way, it's kind of fun to read it again. Reminds me of good times. Good times when I just talked to Heather and wrote about food fights in the kitchens of Mexican Restaurants. Manuel's Forever!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


Christina Farley said...

I'm so impressed.

PurpleClover said...

I saw your title on my blog and was hoping to see a pic! lol.

Congrats! I'm jealous. :)

sraasch said...

You go, girl! Knock those %'s off!

Heather Hansen said...

Ginger... I love that girl. Food fight ON!!!!

Casey said...

It's weird I was thinking about your Ginger Snaps novel the other day. You posted a query for it many moons ago and I remember liking the query.

Congrats on the "fat" loss! I could use some of that!