Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am soooo lost

Really. I picked up my daughter at the bus stop today and decided to go shopping at the outdoor mall. It's so cute! And I had two secret reward cards from Victoria's Secret that I was itching to spend.

Anyway, we start driving, chatting away when I tried to turn on my husband's GPS. (I'm still sort of new in town, so I couldn't remember exactly where it was) Only... the battery was dead. Next thing I know, I look around and recoginize NOTHING! There were farms with horses and sheep and I was so confused!!!!!!

My daughter was in the backseat saying, "Daddy is so dead when I get home! He should have fixed the lady!" (the lady is the voice from the GPS)

We drove for about an hour when I finally recognized a sign!! I eventually tracked down the cute little mall, a little frazzled, but still grateful to be there. We walked around, bought lip gloss and body spray, pizza and gelato. After we were done, I needed to stop and get some flip flops. Only once I got out of Target, I had no idea how to get home!!

I called my husband, hot, tired, and a bit peeved. He didn't answer!!!!!! So me and Sophie drove around for an hour trying to find our place. When we got home, I handed my husband a box.

"What's this?"

"It's my new GPS. Hook it up." (I bought one at Target, only I couldn't use it to get home because I needed scissors to open it and I didn't have any!)

So now my ride is hooked up with a brand new GPS system. YAY!!! I'll never be lost again!!


sraasch said...

Oh my...

I heart GPS's. My dad set ours up to be a British woman, and instead of a little car symbolizing us, ours is the Black Pearl. Yep. So even if we get lost, at least we're lost as the Black Pearl. Which means Johnny Depp is somewhere nearby...

Heather Zundel said...

Ha! I would have loved to see the look on your husband's face. And your daughter's comments. Priceless. You had me laughing so hard with this post, loved it. Tell me, did your GPS come with an accent (I hear they have Australian now)

And Sraasch - The Black Pearl? Now that is just too cool.