Saturday, April 18, 2009


Okay, after a couple of glasses of wine, I turned to my husband and said, "I want to watch a zombie movie." We checked the Ondemand free movies and found a winner!

I'm serious, I NEED this director to shoot my zombie book, Rules to Dating a Teenage Zombie. This is so freaking awesome!!!!!! It even used the phrase, "He is such a tool. That makes you a tool by association."

Omg. It really was the best zombie movie ever and it's my style and omg, I need this guy to direct all of my movies!!!! haha.

It's called, DANCE OF THE DEAD! hahahahaahaha. Awesome!

You can check out the trailer here! It is so Suz.


Wyman Stewart said...

Hope this link works. Since you like Zombies and this black and white video did not hold up well with age, I give you the band THE ZOMBIES!!! They look the part in this old video. Imagine the screaming fans, as not screaming at them, but to get away from them, to add to the total ZOMBIES effect.

I just thought, if you can have your DANCE OF THE DEAD, then you should have some ZOMBIES music to go with your DANCE. Okay, I tried to start your mourning/morning off with a smile. Hope this works. If not, keep in mind I am an old fossil.

Wyman Stewart said...

Oops!!! Forgot to add, since the girl THE ZOMBIES are singing about: SHE'S NOT THERE, I think she must be a ZOMBIE too. They were a British band. Guess you have to copy and paste it into search. I saw this when it was "new" and taken seriously, but it looks comical and campy to me now.

I never have been able to tell a joke. Sorry about being a space eater.

DIE Zombie DIE!!!

sraasch said...


Oh zombies. Can't get enough of 'em.

Angela said...

Oh--I love zombies!!! Thanks for the link!!

Wyman Stewart said...

OH MY!!! I hope she doesn't come to my Blogs, egging my posts.
Angela, they're not the kind of Zombies you are thinking of! (Slaps head.) I'm sorry people.

Eggeng was the verification word, so that's why my worry. Feels like Instant Karma. I am sure Angela is an angel at heart.

Wyman Stewart said...

Whew!!! Thinking of wrong link. Thank goodness!!! Okay, it is early morning and my brain is not working yet.

At least I think I have a brain.

Eli said...

Zombies are pretty awesome. :) I love horror and the like (especially in books!) so when a good zombie movie is out there, just tell me what and where. ;)