Friday, May 29, 2009

Auctions are dope! Starring Bridget Zinn

Well, excuse this post because I just got home from a silent auction (there might be some typos!) So for now, here is a post in pictures--I'll post some links later.

Tonight I had the opportunity to go to a silent auction benefitting Bridget Zinn. I was so happy to go, help with the raffle, and bid on items. By the way, I was high bidder on a three night getaway!!!!!! Yay! Husband is VERY happy!

The guest of honor, the beautiful Bridget Zinn and hubby, Barrett
Matthew Holm, the man responsible for BABYMOUSE, and wife Cindy (love her!)

Carolyn Conahan who donated two books--although I didn't win them. :-(
Bridget looking gorgeous with author Roseanne Parry and Carmen T. Bernier-Grand
Johanna Wright with her fabulous painting (which I didn't win ):-( But it was AWESOME!
Me and the Very charming Kim Kasch
Money was raised, spirits were high, and it was great night. I was so happy to be a part of it!! Thank you, Jone MacCulloch!. And it was wonderful seeing you Bridget and Barrett!!!


jone said...

I am glad someone was able to post! Thanks. I will later this weekend. Good to see you!

lkmadigan said...

That adorable woman with Bridget and Rosanne is Carmen T. Bernier-Grand:

Great update, Suzanne - you must've been wide awake still when you got home. :-)


Casey said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Suz!

Rena said...

I thought I recognized Kim there. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Suzanne.

Shelli said...

man i am so bummed I wasnt there! Next time I need to skype in!

jberk said...

I visited Roseanne's house once. She writes in a treehouse & has pet chickens.