Saturday, July 4, 2009

Like tiny little explosions all over...

Fireworks! I love watching fireworks. They were SUCH a huge deal when I was kid. We'd go to the Parkway and sit on the hill to watch them explode over the glorious city of Utica, NY. Sigh. My brother HATED them. Would cry the entire time. But I thought they were awesome. I always hoped they'd do something more, like spell out a word, or become animated, or some other weird not possible thing I could dream up.

And in anticipation of this year's fireworks, I realized that nowhere in any of the twelve novels I've completed or the dozens I've half-completed, have I ever mentioned fireworks! That's weird, right? Somehow the fourth of July should have slipped in there? A lot of them take place in the summertime too! But nope. Scanned them tonight. Sure, there were plenty of the OTHER kinds of fireworks, but none in the sky.

So now I have to figure out how to fit fireworks into the story I'm revising now. Sure, it takes place in September, but I'm a clever girl. I can figure something out.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, happy fourth of July!!!!!! I'll be watching the sky, waiting for the tiny little explosions that can always make me smile. :-)


Wyman Stewart said...

Check your books for laughter and smiles too. This week in chatting with people I have seen most people need to find happiness in their lives. If you can give them a smile in your books and let them know to take their smile out into the world with them, maybe if every author does that, the world will learn to smile and be happier. Even without fireworks.

A smile is something to celebrate. Happy 4th. of July to you and all who see this. Don't forget to take a smile with you, wherever you go. Someone needs your smile, so they can smile too.

Jennie Englund said...

Happy Fourth!

Next year, come see the wacky parade in Ashland.

Fireworks, YES!, you'll find a clever way to slip it in your book. Might lend itself to a flashback, with those awesome popping noises and everything.

Have fun "researching" tonight under the big booms!

sraasch said...

Oo oo oo! I was just thinking about what other occasions would warrant fireworks! I am now convinced I will never be entirely happy in life until I have fireworks on my birthday. Does one of your characters have a b-day in September? Fireworks!!


Hey Suzanne, I'm just letting you know I posted your interview on my blog! Check it out:

Thanks again!