Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rock Star Life: Starring Frank Portman

I had a blast last night because friend and fellow author Frank Portman was in town promoting his new book Andromeda Klein, his follow up to King Dork.

Frank also happens to be HILARIOUS! Oh, and did I mention he's a rock star?? Well, let's start from the beginning:
He had a pretty amazing turnout at Barnes and Noble:

And he played guitar AND read from his new book. Not an easy task. Favorite audience question? From here will your books keep getting harder to read? Frank: Yes.

Then we headed over to Plan B where Frank Portman transformed into Dr. Frank-Rockgod

Really, we were just getting started. Once again, he had a great turnout. I was amazed at the people that knew him, knew his songs; cuz, you know, Frank doesn't live here! So I was pretty impressed.

Friend and author Alexa Martin came by to hang out. You can catch her new book next year from Hyperion.
Yes, that's her grilled cheese sandwich. And yes, it is SLATHERED in ketchup. Ew!
Then it was time for Dr. Frank to rock out! And he did. It was awesome!
It's never easy to see friends go. :-( If you get a chance, catch Frank on tour. He's in Chicago right now, tearing up a B & N or bar near you!!
PS. I missed my LA girls-Heather and Mandy


RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thanks for sharing Suzanne.
I loved the pictures.
All the best,

Amanda said...

How fun! I'm totally jealous. Almost like LA: The sequel minus Heather and me.

Lisa Schroeder said...

How fun! Thanks for inviting me! ;)

Is that at the Clackamas B&N? I want to have a signing there! I love that place!!

Suzanne Young said...

Thanks for commenting RK! Mandy, I KNOW! I think I might have cried from missing you. :-(

And Lisa, it was spur of the moment, but that B & N was BEAUTIFUL! You should Def do a signing there. But now you have to bring a

Sophie W. said...

Dear Suz,

Please stop living my fantasy life.



Casey McCormick said...

Looks like a blast, Suz! Rock on Frank!

Kelly said...

Fun pics! Books and music. My kind of night!

Heather Hansen said...

where Frank Portman transformed into Dr. Frank-Rockgod

I read this line and I seriously died laughing. There were TEARS. It was better than the question at B&N.

Christy Raedeke said...

You are living the life! What fun. Makes me wish I lived in an actual city again...sigh.