Monday, November 9, 2009

Life without spell check

Just before I handed in my 3rd Naughty List novel, the most horrible thing ever happened. My spell check stopped working. I had to type the last 40 pages of my manuscript without squiggly lines. Without a way to make sure I spelled "science" right. And then I realized... my computer has made me stupid.

I found myself googling the simplest words--I'd lost all confidence! I had to comb through the book and find places where I wrote "her" instead of "here". I even spelled my character's name wrong!!!!!

Luckily I still managed to get it done and turned it (thank you, twittercation). But wow. I might have to start using my kid's 3rd grade spelling guide.

Am I the only writer that can't spell??


Aimee States said...

No, you are not alone. The title of this blog scared me before I ever hit the link.

Rachel Simon said...

Suzanne, I love you. A lot. You make me laugh. When I go home for Thanksgiving break I am going to reread TNL so I can laugh some more. ;-)

No, you are not alone in spelling things wrong. Everyone does it. And every writer does it.

Suzanne Young said...

Hah, thanks Aimee and Rachel. I was worried after I posted it. I suddenly wondered if I WAS the only one that didn't know how to spell anymore.

Glad I'm not alone. lol

Keri Mikulski said...

Just reading that you had to write and hand something into an editor without spellcheck made my stomach drop. Yikes.. I can't spell and sometimes with spell check I still have trouble. :)

Congrats on finishing number three!! :)

Jennie Englund said...

You NAILED the spelling in your blog post!

jessjordan said...

ahh, the spellcheck curse. It's just like the calculator curse. I swear, I can't add 2 and 2 without thinking twice about it ... :)

Paul said...

There are certain words that I misspell, that I always have to look up. You are not alone.

I once had the title misspelled in the header of a manuscript. LOL. That's right--every page. The spell check didn't pick it up because the misspelled word was also a word. I didn't catch until many ms requests down the line.

Martha Flynn said...

yur totly knawt!

tinkandalissa said...

I absolutely find myself doing the same thing! Looking up the simplest of words. Now I'm nervous. Did I just spell simplest correctly? :) Eesh!
How about punctuation? Sometimes I'm not sure if what I use is correct. Should be be a : or a ; or a ,?!

Wyman Stewart said...

I'm a grammar moron. Spelling? In later elementary school years, I had perfect scores on 42 consecutive spelling tests, before I finally spelled a word wrong.'s "sigh-ents." :-)

On a more serious note: I keep two paperback dictionaries near me. When I can find them, often, I know enough letters to recognize the word in the dictionary. I use a dictionary or my brain, before I use spellcheck. Spelling's less and less important. All the mean, evil teachers, who told kids they would go to...well, if the kid couldn't spell, have all died, making it swell not to spell.

On an even MORE serious note: Typos and bad spelling are in almost every book I read. The latest, a biography, written by a college professor, about a Nobel Physicist.

Spelling is up to authors more than ever, typos too. By the time a book's published, it's a miracle, if there's no typos and miss-pellings (none named Tori). :-) On the bright side, it can make a book funnier.

To all writers/authors, best wishes on finding all typos and miss-pellings (Tori's included). Dem udder folks are hu-Mons; boldly going where huMons have gone before; planet Errorprone. Happy weeding!

Bee said...

You are not alone in this!