Saturday, December 12, 2009


My friend and author Hannah Moskowitz (Break) had a totally cool blog post about her dedications and acknowledgements. It inspired me to share my own! My first book's not out until February, so this is sort of a sneak peek! This is what you'll read in the back of THE NAUGHTY LIST. :-)

First is my dedication, which is the same for all three Naughty List books:

In loving memory of my grandmother,
Josephine Parzych.

Acknowledgements :

Before I dive in, I figured I’d throw out a disclaimer so that a bunch
of you can stop reading right now. **This story is fictional. No exboyfriends
(or their reputations) were harmed in the writing of this
novel. Glad I got that out of the way.

First things first, I’d like to thank Ben Schrank over at Razorbill for
being a smart, brave and overall awesome person. You rock! Next,
I’d like to thank all of the lovely people at Razorbill, especially Anne
Heltzel—a seriously butt kickin’ editor—and Lexa Hillyer. And to the
wonderful Laura Schechter, thank you.

My agent Melissa Sarver is an angel—patient and wise. Thank you
for taking my calls. All six thousand of them.

Of course, I never would have gotten to the great people at
Penguin if it weren’t for my insanely cool friends and writing partners
who helped me on this book. Don’t fight. I love you all equally.
Heather Hansen, Trish Doller, Amanda K. Morgan, Jay Asher, Andrew
Carmichael, Sasha Vivelo, Daisy Whitney, Courtney Summers, the
Crazy Cats over at Random Musings, and the wonderful professionals
on Verla Kay’s Blue Boards.

My family has always been a motivating force in my life—my
grandparents most of all. But I’d also like to extend my love and
thanks to my mother, Connie. Mom, you always said I was a “gogetter”!
Also, thank you to my father, David Ciccone; my brothers,
David and Jason; sisters, Natalie and Alex. Plus Jeff, my cousins,
aunts, uncles and nieces and nephews—too many to name.
There were also some wonderfully encouraging friends and
family that I’d love to give a special shout out to: Emily H., Lynny
W., Richard R., Amy C., Becky D., and Brandi C. Also, a professional
thanks to Andrew Karre and Amy Tipton.

Most of all, I want to thank my husband, Jesse, for always believing
in this near-impossible dream. It was your encouragement and
never-ending bad jokes that kept me going. And to my beautiful
children, Joseph and Sophia, I promise to make dinner again sometime

I hope you all enjoy the book you’ve helped create.
Well, that's for book 1. SO MANY BOYS acknowledgements are also in... and pretty similiar. haha


Disclaimer: The same ex-boyfriends that were not harmed in the writing
of book 1 were also not harmed in the writing of So Many Boys. However,
some of the emotions in the situations may or may not reflect feelings
the author could have possibly experienced at some point in her life.

First, I have to thank Melissa Sarver for her continued patience
and dedication to this series. And always knowing how to talk me down
when I freak myself out.

My editor Anne Heltzel, who worked tirelessly on this project.
You make my chest ache! And of course all of the wonderful folks at
Razorbill, thank you for supporting me and my neurotic tendencies. And
for promising me gold stars!

I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by supportive, brilliant friends.
First, Heather Hansen, who is never afraid to tell me the truth and who is
always there to sing my praises. You make me a better person. Amanda
Morgan, a smiling face that always cheers me up and reminds me of who
I am. Trish Doller, just about the best person in the world to write with,
is completely inspiring. Daisy Whitney, your brilliance makes me feel
like an awful writer, but it also makes me work harder. And some great
friends: Lisa Schroeder, Laini Taylor, and all the amazing authors that
have made Portland home.

Thanks to the Tenners, an amazing group of debut authors who
continue to support me and listen to the highs and lows of the biz. The
very cool bloggers that have gotten me excited about my own books
with their never-ending charm. The musers who listen to my complaints.
And the great businesspeople who have always offered me advice
throughout the process: Alice Pope, Jen Rofe, Jordanna Fraiberg
LeVine, and Laura Schechter.

Thank you all for investing your time in me. I hope I make you

Finally, my love belongs with my family. My wonderful, sometimes
funny husband, Jesse. (Just kidding, honey. Always funny.) And my
equally entertaining children, Joseph and Sophia, who never let
me take myself too seriously. My mother, Connie, and my sisters,
brothers, cousins, and all you other folks who share DNA with me . . .

And as always, to my grandmother: You are always with me, and I
still miss you every day. Thank you for giving me permission to take
Hm... I wonder who I'll thank in book 3???? Maybe it's time some ex-boyfriends get credit. haha. KIDDING!

So... anyone want to share their acknowledgements???


Shelli said...

ahhhhh - cant wiat to write mine someday :)

Amanda Morgan said...

Awww. Suz. You rock my world! Love ya!

Heather Hansen said...


Jennie Englund said...

LOVE your acknowledgements!

I love them in general, too. And dedications. Prologues. Sneak peeks at the end. Even ISBN numbers. All the little things that make books books.

BookChic said...

*gasp* Why am I not included?


I do see the bloggers bit, which does make me happy. :)

You've got some great acknowledgments.

andrewcarmichael said...

Awww they're so sweet! I love them! (And not only because my name is there! haha)

<3 4 eva! (<-- I'm bringing back junior high with that one lol)

Alicia said...

awwwww. sooo cute! I should be in book 3!!! haha. I kid!

Suzanne Young said...

I know. Book 3 I'm gonna have to thank personally some of my blogging loves. :-)

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Ok, first off, I want to move to Portland to hang out with all the awesome authors that live there-what a great group!

I always love reading acknowledgements, which is funny, because it's not like I know the person or they're thanking me or anything. But I get a kick out of seeing authors thank other authors that I recognize or have met or read their books/blogs/etc. It's great to see support and I love it when I see an author I know pop up as an editor, publicist, whatever-the YA world is a tight knit circle and I love it!

And, I have to admit that when I was at ALA in June and Gregory Maguire read his dedication to Matchless which thanked librarians, I teared up. Love it when I can somehow believe the book really is dedicated to me:)