Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exciting News about the SCBWI Washington Conference!

Last year I was lucky enough to attend the SCBWI Western Washington conference and it was amazing. I blogged the heck out of it here. There was such an awesome lineup: Ellen Hopkins, Adam Rex--not to mention the cool agents and editors that I got to meet! It quickly became one of my favorite conferences. Not to mention I got to hang with some rocking authors from Portland and Seattle. :-)

And now... I'm going to be there this year as faculty!!! I get to do my first author panel!!!! I'm so insanely excited about this!!! I'll be on a panel about writing a series and also a local success panel. And I'll get to do manuscript critiques. This may sound lame, but I CRIED when I got the email. I was just... so honored.

This year's lineup is equaling exciting. Laini Taylor, Mitali Perkins, Jay Asher, Suzanne Selfors--and tons of agents and editors Oh, and me!

My first panel. *faints

To learn more about the conference and the supercool people that run it, visit their site:

Hope to see some of you there!!!!


Bryan B. said...

Is it weird for me to really look forward to this kind of thing? I love talking about writing. I love reading other people's writing. So, for me, being asked to be a part of a writing conference is just below getting an agent and being published.


I'm excited for you!

holly cupala said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! I'll be on that panel, too!!!!!

Cuppa Jolie said...


Karen said...

Congrats! That's so exciting. The thought of being on a panel would terrify me, but the critiques sound like so much fun. :)

Jenna said...

Aw, man, I wish I could go. Sadly, though, I don't get to go to these kinds of things because we're broke and my mom doesn't want to go, anyway...ah, well.

Glad you had fun, and mondo exicited on your behalf! Hope the panel experience is as awesome as it sounds. :D

Keri Mikulski said...


Hugs.. The first of many more to come!! :)

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Suzanne, it'll be great to hear you speak.