Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cirque du SOAWESOME!

Uh, oh. My husband, Jesse, wrote a blog post. lol Enjoy!

Hi there, I’m honored to do a guest post on my wife’s blog. You may have seen me in a few photos here, and thought, “Who is this guy? Is he a serial killer?” I assure you that I am not. I take medication. In fact, Suzanne has been my better half for the past 10 years.

Many people out there may have wondered, “What’s it like to be married to a published author?” Let me tell you, it’s pretty cool.

For one, I get to be part of the creative process. Often while Sue is drafting, she will have me read a passage and ask for my input. I get to offer such pearls of wisdom like, “ You should add something here. I’m not sure what, but something.”

When she is editing and hits a roadblock, I drop nuggets like, “Why don’t you make them skinny and pale?”

I also get to offer support. Often while revising for an editor, Sue may hit a snag trying to tie all the story points together and will look to me for support. I look her in the eye and say, “Yeah, babe. I have no idea how you’ll make this work, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

So, getting to add such valuable input to her stories make me feel good. Almost like I’m published too. But from watching Sue go through the writing process, I can honestly say, there is no way I could do it. I like my sanity.

On to the Cirque du Soleil. We got a chance to see a show here in Portland over the weekend. I have been a fan for quite some time. It’s very popular now with shows all through the states, shows in Vegas, a Beatles show. But it wasn’t always that way. I remember watching it on TV ten years ago and a friend walked in. He watched it for about a minute, taking in the strange music, the costumes, and the person dressed up like a dog. Then he shot me a look like he was seriously reevaluating our friendship.

So I was asking myself, has Cirque du Soleil jumped the shark? It was my mission to take an objective look at it and not get caught up in the partially nude female performer with the 8 hula-hoops swinging from all parts of her body (This really happened).

I must say, I sat through the first half of the show and was taken to a different place in my mind. Everything was working, the story, the music, and the performers. During the intermission I was really looking forward to the second half of the show. Anticipation was high because as we walked back there was a huge seesaw-like cage on the stage and it totally looked like someone could get hurt. Yes!

The lights went down, the music started, and then it happened. This overpowering smell surrounded me. It was so strong that I knew what it was. There was nothing I could do but wait it out. I looked at Sue, and could see she was going through the same thing. I spent the whole second half of the show waiting for the smell to leave (it did not) and then wondering who it was that did this. What evil bastard would fart during Cirque du Soleil?

So to sum up the experience, the first half was pure magic, the second half was Cirque du Funk.

Thanks, all! Oh, and buy The Naughty List!


Bryan B. said...

I'm trying to figure out how a partially nude woman can spin 8 hula hoops. Seriously, I can count... 6 places where I can see a hula hoop spinning. Maybe seven, if you include on on the head/neck area. To add an eighth seems necessary to add an appendage. And that makes for an entirely different show.

Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

Well it's nice to formally meet you... and your pearls of wisdom are brilliant of course =P

As for the Cirque do Soleil... you clearly have to just go again for the magic to last the entire show. And forbid everyone around you to eat anything, at all.

sruble said...

So, when you say, “Why don’t you make them skinny and pale?” are you suggesting that Suzanne adds vampires to her stories (please, oh please, pretty please)? Can you imagine The Naughty List with vampires? Okay, maybe not.

It sounds like your Cirque du Soleil experience was one to remember, at least the first half. My husband took me to Cirque du Soleil once, because I'd never been to the circus. It was a lot of fun, but where were the elephants? (kidding - I know it's not that kind of circus)

This was a fun post, and it sounds like you are a supportive husband. Very cool.

p.s. I probably should have waited to reply when I wasn't tired and hopped up on lots of sugar.

Christopher said...

You help the creative process just like my wife does.

We also love Cirque we have seen all the Vegas shows and a few of the tent shows.

Christy Raedeke said...

You two are a match made in heaven. Hilarious! Glad you finally got your say on the blog - up to now you've been the silent guy in all the family pics. Love it.

Danni said...

Jesse and Sue- this was too funny!! I loved Jesse's added "pearls of wisdom" when you need help haha. I get "thats nice" from Mike when I ask his opinion. Either he is man of little words or my writing stinks!! LOL

Wyman Stewart said...

It's an honor and a pleasure to meet you, Jesse. Look forward to more from you in the future. As the unknonwn writer once said: "It takes a family to write a book."

"Thanks," to your family, for the moments I've found myself rolling on the floor with laughter, after visiting this Blog. Happiness is contagious. Always glad to come here and catch it.

Jennie Englund said...


SO much awesome!

Amy Baskin said...

Jesse, you captured that 'funk' so pungently- my eyes are smarting just reading about it!

lkmadigan said...

Aww ... I love that you call her Sue.

Stop by and post more often!


Beverley BevenFlorez said...

Great post! I'm sure you're words of wisdom help--even if it's just knowing you're trying. :)