Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh, snap! Let's talk book covers!!

While I'm preparing for my upcoming LA trip--woo hoo!!!--I needed a quick break from the blog. So I'm turning it over once again to my guest poster, Kari, from A Good Addiction.

Today's topic? BOOK COVERS!!!! (and for the record, my top two are Hush, Hush and City of Bones) :-) Have at it, Kari!

Admit it, we all judge books by their cover. Yes, the premise has to back it up but when looking at books on a shelf, the first ones you pick up are the ones with the covers that attract you.

There’s been plenty of times I’ve read a book that I really enjoyed and mentioned it to a friend and the first thing they say is not about whether they want to read it, but that the cover isn’t great. Following that line of thought… okay, it negates that last part. I’m not going to tell you what books are great with not so great covers. Nope. I’m going to tell you the top ten best YA covers, in my little Kari opinion. Even better- I haven’t even read all of these. I just like the covers. And yes, this post was even harder to decide on than my hot boys or girls.

10. The Devouring by Simon Holt:

First off, I like the dark colors of the purple and black. The purple isn’t grabbing, but it’s there. The face seems simple at first, till you realize she’s been crying. That adds a new level. When you look even closer, you realize the purple isn’t ribbon or string, it’s more like a smoke/mist. Though I admit, the UK of this book is pretty awesome too, it’s more in the style of horror. This one is nice and pretty…. And misleading from the creepfest the book actually is.

9. Devil’s Kiss by Sarwat Chadda:

This one has a certain level of badassery inherent in the cover alone. Pretty girl in a dress… with a sword? Sign me up. Boy in the background watching- maybe stalking- her and obscured by a light coming through the trees? Well heck, I’m intrigued now. Not to mention the darker colors. And hey, I haven’t even read this one. (But it’s on my shelf, so that totally counts…)

8. Forget You by Jennifer Echols:

This one is pure sex appeal. Cute boy, pretty girl… close to kissing. The romantic in me (I know, hard to believe, but it’s there) gravitated toward this cover. Yes, there’s going to be drama and angst but the cover is telling you it’s a romance. This is also one where the cover depicts the characters really well- I can imagine Doug looking like him, and she was how I easily pictured Zoey (and not only because of the cover…). Now if I could just figure out how to replace her, I’d be set.

7. Knight Angels: Book of Love by Abra Ebner:

I really love the font the title is written in for this one, and that it is one of the most prominent aspects of the cover. I also love the image itself- the dark, gray sky amidst the very green grass… and how you don’t see all of the girl. Her outfit is different and I love the set of her lips and the flower. This is definitely an appealing cover.

6. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins:

At first glance, this cover is pretty simple. A girl standing in front of her reflection… wait. The reflection is different. Then you realize how snazzy that is. Not to mention, the top part is more muted and simple than the bright blue lake and vivid green dress . Two very different sides of one girl and the cover depicts it perfectly.

5. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick:

I’m not sure much explanation is needed on this one. Hot, half naked angel boy… great dark colors with a splash of red and even a little bit of shininess. I also like that the wings are not overdramatic- they are simple and small but get the job done (even though he’s falling…)

4. City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare:

All three of The Mortal Instruments books have great covers but this one is my favorite. Yes, City of Bones ran a close battle but it would have won only because of the hot naked boy… But City of Ashes has great coloring but then the bright red, almost flaming hair. The blurred out nature of the torso and the few Marks fits are all beautiful together.

3. The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff:

This one hits on the creep factor. There is nothing easy and luring about this one. Those kind of baby carriages, for some reason, automatically make me think Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. And now it’s on a book, sitting in heavy clouds/fog but a leafless tree… and under a mobile of death. Do I need to know what this one is about? Nope. The cover is enough.

2. The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade:

The colors on this one are the most notable. It is an absolutely gorgeous cover, not to mention the boy and girl fit perfectly for Alona and Will. I love that the girl is solid at the head and fades to being a ghost… and the boy is dressed in his usual emo-Goth outfit and looking away from her (and probably trying hard not to think about the fact that her legs and butt are touching him…).

1. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer:

Yes, it’s a little bit sparkly. But this cover is a great example of simplicity. Girl holding flowers. That’s it. Okay, she’s got purple hair and a purple hue to her skin… with yellow eyes and a surprisingly piercing stare even on a book cover. And the flowers might kill you. But it’s still a simple concept, made beautiful by the colors, way it’s been cropped, and the title itself fits seamlessly into it. This is a cover that screams awesome book. No, don’t read the premise. You don’t need to. Think how pretty this book will be on your shelf!

Thanks, Kari! I'll tell ya, I'm looking forward to the hottest kisses post! AFTER SCBWI!!!! Go Team Blog!!!


Anne said...

This is a great line up!

Lisa and Laura said...

I LOVE covers and this is the first time I'm seeing some of these pretties. Gorgeous!

Vicki said...

LOL! I just used the same font as The Knight Angels on my fake cover! I knew it had potential =D

Maddz said...

I love all of these covers, but I've only read The Ghost and The Goth! LOVE that book, and the cover!!


Andrea Cremer said...

Woot! Suzanne this post made me do 'happy dance,' seriously :)

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Jemi Fraser said...

These are awesome covers!

Jill Wheeler said...

I'm obsessed with the cover for THE REPLACEMENT. I can't wait to get a copy.

elissa said...

oh, weird. I basically was going to post, verbatim, what Jill said, lol. I love THE REPLACEMENT's cover, and the!