Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Signing: Starring Richelle Mead

Last night me and my friend Lisa Schroeder headed to our local Powell's to see... RICHELLE MEAD!! The place was packed. Can you find me???

Richelle was awesome! Really funny and witty. And there were a couple of times when she was talking about wanting to gouge out her eyes where I thought, I do that too!

At the very end, I went up to introduce myself--we have the same agent and share a publisher. But instead of being able to articulate that in an intelligent way, it came out more like, Um... hi..... um. hee hee. Yeah, so.... I write books. (Or something awesome like that).

Despite how it looks I actually have crushing social anxiety disorder. I'm shy, you guys!! But to Richelle's credit she was very sweet and didn't even call security.

AND I read most of Spirit Bound last night and LOVED IT!


Candace said...

I see me! Right in that top pic in front of you. Looking like an idiot as I checked my messages (new baby-sitter).
And you, shy?! Ummmm... I must know a different Suzanne... I highly doubt you sounded as inarticulate as you think you did!
It was awesome chatting with you last night and I'm sure I'll see you many more times at many more signings! And soon your signings will be just as huge as Richelle's and I can say that I was a fan from the very beginning!

Suzanne Young said...

Oh, Candace! Are you trying to make me cry? Thanks for saying such nice things. And what do you mean? I sat there quietly the entire time.... *grins

Hannah S. said...

I'd probably be like, umm... hi... um, if I met you!

Love, Hannah

Suzanne Young said...

Oh, no way, Hannah. I'd probably give you a big hug before you even had time to say it :-)

Violet said...

Your pictures with Richelle and Lisa are so adorable, and I love the Where's-Waldo-style shot of the crowd! Way too cute! It was such fun to see you & awesome to hear more about A Need So Beautiful! Is it too early to start counting down the days until next summer's release date? I can't wait to read it! :)

:) said...

I love her books! I am on only #2!
Your blog is very nice. I am a new follower! Here & on Twitter too :)