Monday, September 20, 2010

The shape of love...

I'm very happy to have my regular guest poster Kari from A Good Addiction stop by. And today, she's bringing the laughs about one of my favorite subjects:


Take it away Kari....

We all get into them when they happen in books. We choose sides, and argue to the death for our pick. They are a great plot device, and quite possibly far more fun than they should be. That’s right. The dreaded (but much adored) love triangle. My definition, however, isn’t just two people liking the same person. If that mutually liked person only has feelings for one, it isn’t much of a triangle, is it? So for the purposes of this post, I’m going with ones where the mutually liked person really has a choice to make.

5. Derek/Chloe/Simon (Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong):

Derek has crappy people skills. He’s intimidating, imposing and brash. He isn’t the best on the looks scale, but hey, he’s loyal like a dog (bad pun intended). Simon is attractive, nice, and has a smooth way with words. And honestly? There really isn’t that much against him. But there is something about the slightly wild nature in Derek that makes him more appealing. So even if Chloe has to struggle between liking the boys in the midst of everything else going on, I sided early with Derek.

4. Graves/Dru/Christophe (Strange Angels by Lili St Crow):

Graves is emo, shy, quiet and has pretty much no game. Christophe is suave, sexy, surprisingly reliable, and smells like apple pie. Dru is kickass and headstrong, but she has her moments of weakness. So when she really needs someone to rely on, which boy can save the day? I don’t know that one yet, but I am rooting for Graves. Who wants to make out with apple pie, anyhow?

3. Abe/Emmi/Sam (Change of Heart by Shari Maurer):

Abe has been through the heart transplant thing. He is funny, sweet and understanding. Sam is there when Emmi is dealing with needing a new heart. He fills her afternoons, distracts her, and cares for her. But he is far from perfect and makes some pretty big mistakes. And Emmi is dealing with being a teenager. Dealing with a heart transplant. Dealing with liking two boys, for different reasons. But if I were her, I’d totally pick Abe.

2. Jem/Tessa/Will (Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare):

Jem is nice, a great fighter, and sensitive. Will is a better fighter, a bigger jerk, and in the negatives on the sensitivity scale. But let’s add in the fact that they’re best friends because that pretty much kicks the love triangle drama up a few notches. Then comes Tessa. Thrown into a new world, still holding views of how a man should treat a woman, and torn between the two. My pick? Jem.

1. Adrian/Rose/Dimitri (Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead):

Adrian is sweet and nice and a total playboy. Dimitri is a badass, intense, and controlled to the point of hot damn sexy. And stuck in the middle between both worthy boys’ affection is Rose. Badass, sarcastic, and devoted. She has a fiery chemistry with both boys, and one heck of a decision to make. I, however, am Team Adrian. Sardonic playboy for the win.

Thanks, Kari! Another fantastic post. And I'm with you on the #1 choice.

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