Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Team Getsome Week-Boyfriends and New Guys

Even though I like reading about the cute best friend, or the steamy bad boy, I have a certain type of love interest that is my personal favorite—The Awesome Boyfriend. He wasn’t always the boyfriend, but awesomeness just comes naturally.

Today’s Awesome Boyfriend is Seth from WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr.

WL is one of my favorite series and Aislinn is a terrific main character with some tough choices! Fortunately she has a great guy to help her deal with some serious drama—Seth. First… he lives in a refurbished train car. I mean, really? How cool is that? Second, he’s got piercings and tattoos. And third, he’s so dang sweet and understanding! If anyone can give The Summer King (who is blond….) a run for his money, it’s Seth.

Now for every awesome boyfriend there is the intriguing New Guy. And I knew who I’d pick the first second this category was mentioned. Although he’s not new in town, he’s new to her. It’s Etienne St. Claire from ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins.

He cute, has an accent, and is really great at playing tour guide. He also has a girlfriend…. .wait! Girlfriend? That doesn’t sound hot! But just you wait! This love interest is swoon-worthy with a great sense of humor and crackling sexual tension. More importantly, Anna is one of my favorite main characters. Realistic, sexy and oh, man-you’ve-got-to-read-it-to-understand, St. Claire is at the top of my hot New Guy list.

Check out Novel Novice’s picks for Awesome Boyfriend and Hot New Guy.


Erinn said...

I loved Seth in wicked lovely. He was perfect without being too perfect.
Anna and the french kiss is on my winter book list.

I'm loving the get some club.

Daisy Whitney said...

I"m so excited for Anna to come out next week!

Trish said...

One of my favorite "new guy" characters is Eli from Sarah Dessen's Along For the Ride. No one does boys like Sarah, so they're all awesome, but the Eli in my mind is...*swoon*

Bee said...

Seth is awesome. I totally love him. Facial piercings have never been cooler :P

And I'm really looking forward to Anna.