Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm writing this mid-sob. I woke up to a wonderful surprise today. A few bloggers and authors--ones who I respect and admire--got together to put on something... too kind for words.

Celebrating A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL: Random Acts of Kindness. In these posts they tell a story of sacrifice or kindness that meant something to them in honor of my book release. In addition, they are offering a HUGE giveaway.

What can I say to this? I'm so.... touched. Humbled. Blessed. I've never felt so moved in my whole life. Heck, Lisa Schroeder even said that my Gram would be proud of me. And she would. And I thank you, Lisa, for mentioning her.

Kari at A Good Addiction sums it in her post HERE. Thank you, Kari for putting this together. This was a tremendous gift and it far outweighs Reese's Pieces and Candy Corn. You are awesome beyond words.

I hope you check out the posts. But thank you to EVERYONE--from my agent Jim McCarthy to my editor Donna Bray. To the fabulous people at Balzer & Bray and HarperCollins. To the fantastic bloggers who've supported this book and to the authors who've truly inspired me, to my friends who I'm so lucky to have... and to my family.


Now I have to go wipe my tear-stained cheeks and get ready to do a news interview. Which you can watch at www.kptv.com at 9am PT/12pm ET


Daisy Whitney said...

Love you. Love your book!

Candace said...

Wow! How did I not know about this?!

Waiting to watch you on tv right now!