Monday, June 27, 2011

You can be the face of HarperTeen!

Over on HarperTeen's facebook page they are having an awesome contest in honor of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL.

Check out the GORGEOUS gold cover of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL! What else is “beautiful gold”? Post a photo to our wall that means “beautiful gold” to you, and we’ll choose one to be the HarperTeen profile pic on July 2!

They have over 77,000 fans which means you could be REALLY POPULAR! :-) All you have to do is find something gold that you think is beautiful, or you can even paint yourself gold in honor of the book! For example, here's a great photo that VLC Productions took during the making of the book trailer:

What else is beautiful to you??? Post and comment HERE for your chance to win!!!!


1 comment:

Cinette said...

My first thought when I read your blog title was "They wouldn't want THIS mug to be the face of HarperTeen!"