Friday, July 26, 2013

SCBWI LA13--Pre-conference interview with author Brodi Ashton

One week until the kickoff of the SCBWI Summer Conference in LA! I was so excited when I saw Brodi Ashton’s name on the schedule, I had to ask her for an interview. Brodi’s the author of the wildly popular EVERNEATH series, and she’s also hilarious (I love her).

I love YOU!

Hey, Brodi! Thanks for answering a few questions for our pre-conference interview! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your books?
I'm the author of the EVERNEATH series, which is about a girl who's spent a hundred years in the underworld getting the life sucked out of her by a hot immortal guy. At the end of the hundred years, she gets to go back to her high school for six months to say goodbye to her family and reconnect with the hot human boy she left behind, before she gets sucked back to the underworld again, this time forever. 

It's hilarious. Kidding. 

As for me, I'm a mom, and an ex-journalist, and a lover not a fighter, and a poker player, okay and sometimes I'm a fighter. 

I can’t wait to sit in on your workshop about world building. Any chance you can give us a sneak peek into your talk?
I'll tell you what it isn't! It isn't just a list of the practical questions to ask yourself about your new world. (Economics, landscape, politics, etc.) It goes beyond that. And it isn't just a showing of Battlestar Galactica. And it isn't a musical review. 

What do you think a new writer could gain from attending one of the SCBWI conferences? Is there anything in particular about writing conferences that you really enjoy?

With the SCBWI conferences, I LOVE being surrounded by like-minded people! A writer's life is so solitary most of the time, and SCBWI gives you a community!

As for what a new writer could gain... I remember my first SCBWI, where Sherman Alexie gave the opening keynote. I left that speech inspired and energized. In every conference since then, there's always that "ah-ha" moment, that speech that speaks directly to you and your work, that one interaction that makes you think, "This is what I came for. This changes everything."

And finally, the poolside gala is a Black and White ball. I was thinking of going as Batman. You?

That's so strange. I'm going as Robin. In some cultures, that means we're married. 


And thank you for the interview! 
Isn't Brodi awesome?? So if you'll be at the SCBWI Summer conference in LA next week, be sure to stop by her workshops. And if you can't make the conference, you can follow all the action on SCBWI official Team Blog site

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