Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WHAT WE TALK ABOUT ON LAUNCH DAY: Ten Minutes with Cat and Suzanne (including the JUST LIKE FATE book trailer!)

CAT: It’s our book baby’s birthday! Yay! How have you celebrated so far?
SUZANNE: I'm wearing my JUST LIKE FATE t-shirt, designed by my creative writing class. They imagined the Electric Freakshow album cover.
(Electric Freakshow is the fake band in the book. Suz and I are groupies. A real band, The Social Fantastic, recorded their single. Preview it here.)
CAT: I love those shirts. Maybe when I take off my pajamas, I’ll put on the pink one.

SUZANNE: We do look pretty awesome in them.
CAT: We look pretty awesome in everything. Oh…I should explain that I’m kicking off a round of the game our characters play in the book, the Extreme Self Confidence Game, not being a narcissist. The characters play it to make themselves feel better when they’re having a bad day.
SUZANNE: Yes, they say positive things about themselves instead of talking about the negative. I know from personal experience, the positive is a lot more challenging.
CAT: We’re certainly hardest on the person in the mirror. But if we’re playing the game, instead of saying that I’m so lazy because I’m still in my pajamas, I’ll say that I’m awesome at easing into the day. How are you awesome?
SUZANNE: I'm awesome today because I'm teaching essay writing on the day our book comes out. I feel pretty legit. You?
CAT: Oh. I was going to say my hair looks good. Or maybe it will when I wash it. Instead, I’ll say that I’m awesome because I’m teaching my five-year-olds to read…on the day our book comes out.
SUZANNE: I did take an extra shower today, just so I could be extra shiny. My hair is like spun gold right now.
CAT: My hair is like spun yarn.
SUZANNE: I feel like your morning is so much more relaxing. Although...I do have powered donuts at my desk. Uh, powdered.
CAT: Powered is much better. Super powered.
SUZANNE: RIGHT? All donuts are filled with power.
CAT: Our next book...Just Like Powered Donuts
SUZANNE: Just Like Yum
CAT: Just Like Muffin Top
SUZANNE: We always default to food. I think it's why we're friends.
CAT: Also you make me laugh. And you have good taste in dresses. So, back to books: What would your ideal book launch party be?
SUZANNE: I would love to have a packed house, a live band, and, of course, some delicious food. Maybe mashed potato martinis?
CAT: YES. Also can Mark Ruffalo be my date?
SUZANNE: Of course. Speaking of celebs, remember that time at we stalked Jim Carrey at BEA and tried to make him leave his signing line and come to ours?
CAT: It totally didn’t work. But it was funny.
SUZANNE: SO funny. We probably won’t have Mark Ruffalo or Jim Carrey at our Seattle launch party. But what WILL we have?
CAT: Well, the book is like that movie Sliding Doors…sort of a “pick your path” situation. So, the launch will be different depending on the choices people make when they arrive. Or we’ll just read.
SUZANNE: It’ll be a Choose Your Own Adventure launch.
CAT: Indeed. What’s the plan for your launch at Changing Hands tonight?
SUZANNE: We'll have cookies, and my friend Bailey will actually come on stage and interview me. Like Oprah.
CAT: Will she give away a car or anything?
SUZANNE: CLOSE! JUST LIKE FATE t-shirts. Everyone should come. And then show up again in Seattle.
CAT: And then in Austin. And Las Vegas.
SUZANNE: Well, that's the bell! I have a class coming in. Hey, I’m proud of us. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.
CAT: Me, too, my friend. Happy launch day. xo

And now, the JUST LIKE FATE book trailer!! Featuring music from The Social Fantastic!

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Tressa S said...

Had to come see the trailer you talked about on Tuesday night at Changing Hands and listen to the song. I had a great time! Thanks for doing it (and signing my book)! :)

Have a great tour!

Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings