Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fan-Made Trailer for THE PROGRAM

Basically, if you send me your awesome fan-made stuff, I'm probably going to share it. And this trailer is pretty extraordinary. It was on Twitter when I first saw a hashtag about a group making a Program trailer. They'd post stills and fun photos from the shoot. Then @Faith_Lauzon sent me the finished trailer, and I couldn't wait to show you!

Enjoy! Oh, and fun fact that Faith just shared--Sloane and James from the trailer are also a couple in real life... which is ridiculously adorable :)


kbrunela said...

(I don't speak english) Heeey! Soy una chica de Latinoamérica y quiero decirte que tus libros son preciosos. Amo la manera en la que escribes y estoy totalmente enganchada con The Program. Cuándo me enteré de que ya se había publicado The Treatmentme volví loca. Aunque tengo que pasar por un montón de problemas para conseguir un ejemplar, valen la pena porque tus libros son FANTÁSTICOS.

Catherine Windham said...

OMG! Amazing and exciting! I really want an actual movie though!!��

Anonymous432 said...

Me too, the book created the movie in my mind and that was sim alter but I was thinking more of theo James and shaken wodly, they are amazing actors!