Tuesday, March 29, 2016


For the cover image on THE EPIDEMIC, I had several choices. This was one of my favorites. Now it's a poster!

Giveaway coming soon!!

 You can preorder your copy of THE EPIDEMIC today!



Alina Fensterer said...

How do I get one of these posters? I could never figure that out with the Deacon poster from The Remedy either.

Suzanne Young said...

Alina, if you contact this Barnes and Noble to order The Epidemic, I can have them put the posters in the package. Would that work?

For personalized books, customers should send an email to crm2143@bn.com with the subject line "Signed copy from Suzanne Young" and the following information:
*your name
*your phone number
*title of book
*personalized message you'd like inside the book

Customers will be contacted the day the book is in stock and pay over the phone. I'll stop in and sign, and then the book will be shipped to you!

Brianna Emmolo said...

My best friend (Alina ^^) and I are huge fans of your books and have been dying to know, will you ever consider making The Program into a movie?

Samone Watkins said...

How do I contact the Barnes and Noble to include the poster? Do I email them?

Samone Watkins said...
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